Easy Peasy Game Day Scarf (Seriously, sew easy!)

Easy Peasy Game Day Scarf (Seriously, sew easy!)

Football season is finally here! It is one of the reasons I love fall. My little town in North Georgia is a true “Friday Night Lights” town and I wouldn’t be a true southern girl if I didn’t love college football as well. Overall, the temperatures in the south in the fall are perfect and, many days, you can still wear shorts and t-shirts to games – but the nights do start to get chilly.

This prompted me to make some cute and ridiculously easy scarfs for those chilly fall football nights.


The Easiest Directions Ever

  1. Embroider your school’s ‘saying’ (i.e. Go Canes, Go Noles, etc.) about 8″ above one end of the scarf, centered. I did this by folding the fleece in half, long ways, and then measured up in order to be able to hoop the fleece centered. I hooped 2 layers of Sulky Tear Easy, the fleece, and then one layer of Sulky Heat Away (you could use Solvy, too).
  2. Stitch out the embroidery. I used the same thread in the top and bobbin.
  3. Finish the edges one of three ways:
    1. Serge the edges with a serger. You can do this in the same contrasting color you used for the words or in a matching color. Serger Hack: If you only have one spool of the thread you want to use to serge, wind three bobbins. On a small project like this, it is enough thread to go around the scarf.
    2. Sew the edges using one of the overlocking or decorative stitch on your regular sewing machine.
    3. Turn the edge under and sew. 
    4. Okay, I lied. There is a fourth way. You could do nothing to the edge. It’s fleece. It’s not going to fray. I personally liked using my sewing machine and the overlock stitch best.

Helpful Tip: I want my corners to be round so I used a plastic plate and chalk to mark the curve and then cut the shape. I folded the scarf in half so I could cut both ends at the same time.

That’s it! Really! I told you it was easy. So go make a scarf and cheer on your team. 

Easy Peasy Game Day Scarf (Seriously, sew easy!)

Visit the Team Spirit Shop for Embroider Buddies and team thread colors.

Happy Sewing!

Great Mother’s Day Gifts – Especially If Your Mama Sews


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if your spring has been anything like mine, you haven’t had 3 seconds to think about what to give to your mom. If your mama is a sewist like mine, here are some great tutorials that I found around the web (do we still call it that?) for some great gift ideas.

Pin Cushions!

Sewists can never have enough of these! I just counted and in my sewing studio, I have 6 and they are all in use. I love this one and it can be done in about 30 minutes:

Click the photo to go to the tutorial

Click the photo to go to the tutorial

Make this one even more special by using a cup that has sentimental value to you and your mom.

I love this one too:

chicken feeder 044

Click the picture for the tutorial

It’s a chicken feeder! What a great place to put your Sulky Cotton Petites, scissors, pins and needles. It gives you an adorable hand sewing station wherever your mama wants to put it.

This is not exactly a pin cushion; it’s a needle cushion from our friends at Shiny Happy World.

Click the picture for the tutorial

Click the picture for the tutorial

Make this with your mama’s favorite fabrics and add a pack of her favorite needles, you have a perfect gift.

Are you still worried you won’t have time to make something? It’s okay; your mom sews! Just print out the tutorial, collect the supplies to make the pin cushion, add some Sulky Cotton Petites, scissors, pins & needles and for goodness sake, don’t forget to add a heart felt note thanking her for being a great mom, friend, protector, provider and warrior for you all these years.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Sewing!