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45 Minute Mug Rug Tutorial     


45 Minute Mug Rug

As a full-time mom (is there any other kind?) and working full-time, sometimes I just want to do a quick project. That is what happened the other day. I had a ton of other things I could work on (should be working on), but sometimes you just want something that you can start and finish in under an hour. I also wanted something bright and cheery for my space at work, which is a cubicle with drab grey/blue walls, so this is what I made!

It is so easy and I really did make it in 45 minutes. This is how:

Pile of Fabric

I started with a pile of bright batik scraps and some Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch.

Fuse n Stitch to Fabric

Next, I fused the Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch to the back of several pieces of fabric. I didn’t worry too much about the sizes. I decided to make the the width 8” since that is the width of the roll of Fuse ‘n Stitch that I happen to have on my shelf.

Folded Lengthwise
After this, I folded the pieces in half lengthwise, ironed them and played with the strips until I got them lined up the way I liked.

Sewing all sides
Once I was satisfied with the order, I took them to my sewing machine, sewed them together and around all four sides with Sulky Polylite thread.

Decorative Stitches 2
I decided I wanted to dress it up a little more, so I added some decorative stitching along the fold lines. I picked stitches that I knew would look good with the variegated Sulky Polylite thread I had chosen.

Spray KK 2000 on the backHand dyed fabric back

Once I was happy with how the front looked, I used Sulky KK 2000 to put a piece of hand dyed fabric on the back.

Mug Rug with Binding
Finally, I sewed on the binding and here it is! Grab a cup of coffee along with some cookies and enjoy your little creation.

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