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45 Minute Mug Rug Tutorial     

45 Minute Mug Rug Tutorial

Hello! Kelly Nagel here! As a full-time mom (is there any other kind?) and working full-time, sometimes I just want to do a quick project. That is what happened the other day. I had a ton of other things I could work on (should be working on), but sometimes you just want something that you can start and finish in under an hour. I also wanted something bright and cheery for my space at work, which is a cubicle with drab grey/blue walls, so I made this 45 Minute Mug Rug.

It is so easy and I really did make it in 45 minutes. Here’s how:

45 Minute Mug Rug Tutorial

I started with a pile of bright batik scraps and some Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch.

Sulky Fuse 'n Stitch on Fabric

Next, I fused the Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch to the back of several pieces of fabric. I didn’t worry too much about the sizes. I decided to make the the width 8” since that is the width of the roll of Fuse ‘n Stitch that I happen to have on my shelf.

Folded Lengthwise
After this, I folded the pieces in half lengthwise, ironed them and played with the strips until I got them lined up the way I liked.

Sewing all sides
Once I was satisfied with the order, I took them to my sewing machine, sewed them together and around all four sides with Sulky Polylite thread.

Decorative Stitches 2
I decided I wanted to dress it up a little more, so I added some decorative stitching along the fold lines. I picked stitches that I knew would look good with the variegated Sulky Polylite thread I had chosen.

Spray KK 2000 on the backHand dyed fabric back

Once I was happy with how the front looked, I used Sulky KK 2000 to put a piece of hand dyed fabric on the back.

Mug Rug with Binding
Finally, I sewed on the binding and here it is! Grab a cup of coffee along with some cookies and enjoy your little creation.

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  • Diane J Brienza

    Nice tutorial. Mug rugs are fun to make and give away. You can stick a note with them to just say “Hi, hope this will brighten your day” or “I was just thinking about you so I made you this”. Then let your mind go free and have fun creating them.

  • claudia

    what would you use for a water barrier for cold drinks? I made a mug rug, but when my cold cup sweat, mug rug got wet. what would you recommend, any type of plastic?

    • Kelly Nagel

      The Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch that you used inside the mug rug should be enough to protect the table that your mug rug is sitting on, but if you don’t want protect the mug rug also, you can make the project with oil cloth or vinyl. There is also an iron-on vinyl that can go on top of any fabric. I haven’t used it that much but that might work to. If you try that, let me know how is goes! Thanks for reading the blog!

  • lois willingham

    love it. I will be putting insulbrite in so the hot cups won’t mark the furniture. I sew on an antique table that has been in the family about 70 years. with a tray nest to it for a ironing table i’m in seventh heaven.

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