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Coasters – The Perfect Hostess Gift – Tutorial

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a Pin from Pinterest that she knew I would love: some adorable little coasters using half-square triangles. Later we were shopping and  saw the Moda® Dottie™ mini charm packs! I snatched one up immediately knowing these adorable little 2.5″ squares were perfect to make those little coasters. This is the result:


What I used:

• 1 Moda Dottie mini charm pack
• Scrap of Warm & Natural® Batting
• Scrap of white and black fabric for backing
• 1 fat quarter of white tone-on-tone fabric
• Sulky® PolyLite™ in #1001 Bright White
• Sulky 40 wt Rayon in #1001 Bright White

coasters 1

The very first thing I did was open that little pack and spread the squares out. I love polka dots so I just smiled at them for a few minutes. Next, I paired them up, one light and one dark, right sides together. HINT: Having trouble with value? take a picture with your phone and then change the picture to a black and white. The ones that look black are dark, the ones that look lighter are light.

coasters 2

To make sewing these tiny girls a little easier, you will want to shorten your stitch length and use a quarter-inch foot, if you have one for your machine. I pieced these with Sulky PolyLite Bright White because it is a 60 wt. thread, meaning it is very fine, which is great for accurate piecing and it is strong.


costers 4

I chained piece these together around all four sides. Yes, sew around all four sides of each square.



coasters 5  coasters 6coasters 7

Cut down the center of each square from corner to corner, turn your mat and cut down the center from the other corner to corner.

coasters 9

Press them open. Admire your adorable little half-square triangles.

coasters 11

Now is the fun part!  Arrange them however you want in whatever design you like best. I just played with mine until I liked them. I chose to put a 1.5″ strip of white tone-on-tone fabric around six of them and one was just crying out to be surrounded with black fabric.

Coasters 12

Once you are happy with your arrangement, sew them together. I then finished mine using the “pillowcase method”, top-stitched around the edges about an eighth of an inch in and then stitched in the ditch around the center block using Sulky 40 wt Rayon for a little shine. Now they are ready to give away the next time I need a little housewarming or birthday gift. I am keeping my little black one. You have my permission to keep all of yours for yourself.



BONUS! After making the coasters, I had some blocks left over and made these cute little ornaments


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