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Embroidery Applique to Jazz Up T-shirts

I love football. I know more about college football than most sports fanatics and I am counting the days (16 days) until the first Florida State University game of the season (My alma mater. Go ‘Noles!). I also live in a ‘Friday Night Lights’ town. Our little town in north Georgia is absolutely crazy about our high school football team. People buy season tickets to the games whether they have kids in high school or not. We all love to cheer on the Hurricanes (We just say ‘Canes). We begin our football indoctrination once our kids starts preschool. Every Friday of the school year is ‘Canes Spirit Day so having new embroidered and appliqued ‘Canes t-shirts is a must for my girls.

canes shirts done

I have to say, I love this trend of embroidering on a cute fabric first and then cutting out the embroidery raw edge and putting it on what you would like. Check out this cute hat that my friend wore to the pool the other day.

monogram hat

For the girls new t-shirts that I got on clearance last year, I used some cute purple chevron fabric that I had left over from making another project. I fused Sulky® Soft ‘n Sheer Extra™ to the back of the fabric and hooped it. I used Sulky 40 wt Poly Deco™ thread in Mimosa Yellow to embroider ‘Canes onto the fabric.

canes shirts supplies

I then cut the piece out with pinking shears and I attached it to the shirt with a satin stitch. I almost always do my satin stitch free motion for a couple of reasons. One, I don’t like the satin stitch on my regular sewing machine. It always seems to come out uneven. If I am controlling the speed, then I get the density that I want. Two, my embroidery machine has a beautiful satin stitch, but I am too lazy to convert the machine back and forth from embroidery to regular sewing to use it.

canes shirts satin stitch

After the applique is done, I used a little ribbon to tie up the sleeves on the shirt for some added flair. Now the girls are ready for ‘Canes Spirit Fridays at school!

canes shirts on girls

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