Happy Fall two leaves
Sulky Embroidery Club

Fall from the Sulky Embroidery Club

As promised, here is the Fall Round-up of designs available at the Sulky Embroidery Club. Just like in the Halloween Designs post, the picture is linked to the design in the Sulky Embroidery Club so you can just click the picture to head on over and buy the design. Unlike the Halloween post, I could not give you everything that is “fall” in this post! Fall is a bit more ambiguous than Halloween. What I may consider to be a Fall design, you may think of as winter or even spring. Instead, I picked a few of my favorite and I want to encourage you to explore the Sulky Embroidery Club yourself. There are a ton of great designs and we are adding more all the time. We even take suggestions on what to add next, so if you have an idea for a design, just contact me!


This design comes in a line drawing as well
Happy Fall two leaves
Since Fall is my favorite time of year, I especially like this design!
We are based in the south, after all.
Nothing can level set your day like a walk in the woods.
Great Applique Leaves to add to any number of great fall projects!



More leaves
This outline of leaves gives tons of design options. It would look great stitched out in Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Blendables thread.
Can you ever have enough leaves? I think not!
The perfect Leaf Applique when you need some dimension in your project
I love this little bird. It’s like he’s not quite ready to head south for winter
6 leaves outline
Another great leaf outline.
Birch Leaf Cluster
More Birch Leaves
My personal favorite, The Japanese Maple Leaf
chickadee in window
A sweet little chickadee in the window
Have a great Fall!

Happy Sewing!

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