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FAQs about the Sulky Online Teacher Certification Class

TC online aug 15

As you have probably heard by now, Sulky is so excited to finally be able to provide our Teacher Certification Program on-line! I have had to keep this a secret from you for way too long. To be honest, I am normally a terrible secret keeper. My close friends know not to tell me about surprise parties or what they got someone for Christmas. I always forget if it is a secret or not! So keeping this from you has been really hard! I am so glad to finally be able to share this great opportunity with all of you.

We are doing this in conjunction with our friends over at Sew News (Great people!). As a Sulky Certified Instructor myself, I highly recommend this class. I learned more in the certification class than any other class that I ever took. This class gave me the confidence to take my sewing career to the next level. Even if you aren’t looking to make sewing your career, taking this class will be the best class you ever take.

For details on the class and to register, go here, but I have already gotten a lot a questions so I thought I should answer some of those questions for you here:

1. I am a 2013 Sulky Certified Teacher so I am already certified in the projects being offered in the on-line course, can I get the videos?  The on-line class, although using many of the same projects that were offered in 2013, is not an extension of the in-person class. If you would like the videos, you would need to register for the on-line certification which is $499. You would then have the videos to reference forever. If you register before August 15 and use the code #sulkyalum you will receive a $100 discount and receive a gift package of Sulky products worth $50.

2. Are the materials for the projects included in the class fee (i.e. fabrics, threads, stabilizers, etc.)? No. The materials are not included, however once you register you will receive an email full of sources for the materials at a discount. This way you can use your own fabrics and materials as you please, but have access to any of the supplies that you don’t already own.

3. I am already Certified in all of these projects except one. Can I get certified for just the one project? Unfortunately, no. This class cannot be split into individual projects.

4. How long will it take to complete the projects for the class? We estimate that you will need approximately 40 hours total to complete all the course work for the class.  This estimate includes all 10 projects, but for Certification you only need to complete 7 of the 10 projects, so it’s likely considerably less.

5. What is the exact date I have to have the projects finished by in order to receive the certification? December 8th, 2014

6. When will the next class be offered? Will it be the same projects or different ones? This curriculum may be offered again, depending on the response and we are hopeful we will have a 2nd version available as well with different projects.

7. What is Sulky’s relationship with F & W Media? Because F & W Media has done on-line certification classes for other companies, and they have the facilities and equipment to help us to create an excellent on-line product, we are partnering with F&W media for this online course only  – we have not merged with them or otherwise have any type of business partnership.

I am sure we will continue to get questions and as we do, I will continue to answer them! This is going to be a great class and I am so glad that it is being offered on-line so more people now have the opportunity to take it. Happy Sewing!

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