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FAQs About Sulky Teacher Certification Part 2

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There is a ton of interest in our new Online Teacher Certification class. Lots of people have already signed up for the class and I am getting questions about it everyday. I answered a lot of the questions in my first FAQ post, but thought I should go ahead and answer a few more. Keep them coming! If you have questions, I am happy to answer them.

  1. How much are the supplies?
    That isn’t as easy an answer as it might seem. It thoroughly depends on how much you already have in your stash and whether or not you want to use the exact fabrics that are being used in the class. If you had to buy every single Sulky product that is needed for the class, you can get a kit of the threads and stabilizers at discount and that is still less than $230 (a $291.53 retail value). OR you can buy just the threads or just the stabilizers. Check out the available kits here. Since we knew most people wouldn’t use the same fabrics that we used, we did not create a kit for the fabrics, but once you sign up, you will be sent an email that includes links to purchase the fabrics at a discount as well.
  2. Why are you doing this class online instead of the in-person class with kits for each project?
    To be perfectly honest, we had to discontinue the in person classes because they were too costly. We could no longer do them and have the program remain fiscally viable. Although we know some people will take this class just to learn new techniques and projects, the intent of the Teacher Certification is to give those who are looking to advance their career as a sewing professional the tools and techniques they need to build a solid career. This includes being able to keep the instructional videos forever! The value of those videos, especially for someone who is teaching, far exceeds the value of an in-person class with a one-time kit of supplies.
  3. How did you come up with the price for this class?
    There is a great cost in creating the videos, paying the talent, and creating a finished product for online use.  So, although we wish we could offer it for less (and there are some good early sign-up and alumni discounts being offered), it is just what we have to charge in order to continue to go forward.  The price is in line with other similar certification and licensing programs. At approximately $50 per project; that’s not a bad deal (in my opinion) considering you are then certified to teach those projects and get to keep the videos forever, which is not usually the case with online certifications.
  4. Approximately how many hours of video are included in this class?
    You will receive over 10 hours of instructional video and 3 months of direct interaction with the instructors and other students on the class’s Blackboard, an interactive message board set up just for the class participants.
  5. Do I have to use the exact fabrics on the supply list for each project?
    Many people had expressed a desire to choose their own colors and fabrics over the years and now you can!  Several of the projects have very distinctive fabrics, and we have included sources for them in the supply list and source section (which is available to you when you sign up).  We also show you all kinds of other fabric options for most projects in the videos.In addition, is offering many of the harder-to-find notions, should you need them.  They also have a discounted price on all the threads needed; all the stabilizers needed; and a combo pack if desired.  Most people already have a stash of Sulky products and will likely be able to pull from those for most projects.
  6. When does the class actually start?
    September 8, 2014
  7. Do I need to have an embroidery machine to take this class?
    No! The only project that would use an embroidery machine is the Swirly Lace Pear project.  There are a limited number of these pears pre-embroidered which will be available with the laser cut applique kits if anyone wants to purchase these pre-prepared items (through  And, we also give you the instructions to make the pear free-motion if you want to do that.  Also, you could ask a friend to embroider the pear for you, or take the design file to an embroidery business that could stitch it out for you.  So there are lots of options there, none of which would require you to buy an embroidery machine.
  8. Can this class be split up? Can I just purchase one or two of the 10 projects?
    As has always been the case with our Teacher Certification, we do not allow attendees to pick and choose projects. We offer them in “batches” as that seems to be what works for most people. To receive your certification, however, you only have to complete 7 of the 10 projects so if there are a couple of projects that you know you will never teach, you don’t have to do those!
  9. The timing of this class doesn’t work for me. Will this same class be offered again?
    Yes! We will be offering this same curriculum as well as new curriculum in 2015!

As I have said before, I believe this class is worth every penny. It is the best class I have ever taken.

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