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Football Table Runners & Coasters – Tutorials

As I have mentioned before, I love football! Every Saturday during football season we invite people over to our house to watch the games. I love the time with family and friends and it also gives me a chance to decorate with fun football themed decor. Since most of the time we are gathered in my family room, I always have a table runner and coasters on the coffee table. I don’t want to use the same thing for every game so here are some of my favorites:

football feature 1

1. The 10 Minute Table Runner – Yes, it really does take 10 minutes. Here is a link to a pattern if you need a little more direction but here is how I do it. Get 2 coordinating fabrics. Cut a strip of the focus fabric 12″ x wof (width of fabric) and cut the second fabric 18″ x wof. Put the two fabrics right sides together and sew the two long edges together.

10 min table 1

Turn and iron so that you have a little of the second fabric showing evenly on each side of the focus fabric.

10 min table 3

Fold in half lengthwise with the focus fabric facing out and sew the two short ends.

10 min table 2

Press the seem open and turn. This will create this great point on each end. That is all there is to it! Now you can call it finished or you can add some addition pizzazz with decorative stitches or buttons.

10 min table done

2. I also like this Football Table Runner from Babylock. I haven’t made it yet, but I will before the season is over. Get the pattern here.

babylock football table runner

This pattern also has instructions for some super easy coasters. I made the coasters, and I added Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch stabilizer to the back of the top fabric. This gives them a little more stability and adds a bit of water resistance to catch the condensation before it hits your table.


babylock coasters 3
I added Sulky Fuse n Stitch to the back on the fabric.
babylock coasters 1
These coasters look great!

3. My Easy Fabric Coasters. My mom first taught me how to make these coasters a few years ago and neither one of us remember exactly who showed her. I love them because they look great, work great and are quick to make.

fabric coasters 1

For each coaster, you will need six 4.5″ squares of fabric. For mine, I made 4 coasters out of 2 different fabrics so I cut 12 squares from each fabric for a total of  24  4.5″ squares.

fabric coasters 6

Take 4 squares (2 of each fabric), fold them in half, wrong sides together and iron. Weave these 4 squares together like in the picture. Spray them with Sulky KK2000, then put the remaining 2 squares, wrong sides together, on top of the 4 you wove together. Spray a shot of KK2000 between these 2 squares also. This holds everything together without using pins or clips. Sew around all 4 sides.

fabric coasters 5

fabric coasters 4

Clip the corners, then iron to disseminate the KK2000. Turn through the hole made by the 4 folded pieces. Voila! Just repeat as many times as you want until you have all the coasters you need. (HELPFUL HINT: Put these coasters together with the 10 Minute Table Runner, you have a perfect housewarming, wedding shower, hostess or birthday gift in less than 30 minutes!)

fabric coasters 3

fabric coasters done

  1. Hand Embroidered Coasters – Shockingly, not all of my friends are FSU Seminole fans, so I do like to have a few things around that are just football themed. These hand embroidered football coasters are great. I drew the football shape myself and then used my Sulky Transfer Pen to transfer the pattern 4 times onto the back of some brown wool felt. I doubled the felt over and cut out 8 little football shapes.


hand emb coasters 4


Sulky Transfer Pens

On 4 of them, I used Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Petites thread in white to sew on the laces. I just eyeballed it, but if you want, you can trace your laces out onto a small piece of Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy, stick that onto the front of the football and sew right through it. When you are finished sewing, run it under water to get the Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy off and iron on a terry cloth towel stitched side down to dry it (I learned that technique from my friend Wendi at Shiny Happy World. See the video demo on it here).

Hand Embroidered Football Coasters

Take the other four footballs, spray them with Sulky KK2000 and put them on the back of the embroidered football. Sew them together with a blanket stitch. Aren’t they adorable?

Football Coasters buttonhole stitched edge

Hand Embroidered Football coasters done


Happy Sewing and Go Noles!

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