A Great Quilt and a Great Reaction!

Mary and Ron Mangum are great friends of Sulky. As a matter of fact, they went to Germany with us! They were the winners of our 25th Anniversary Contest. You can read all about the dream vacation that they received here.


Mary & her daughter holding the Beatles quilt Mary made for Seth, her grandson.
Mary & her daughter holding the Beatles quilt Mary made for Seth, her grandson.

Mary has been working on this very special quilt for a very special  guy, her grandson, for a while. She knew he loved the Beatles and wanted to be sure to capture that love, and her love for him, in a quilt for his graduation.

Have you ever made a quilt for someone and wondered if they would truly appreciate all of your hard work and artistic effort as much as they should? I know that I have handed a perfectly wrapped quilt to people before and the only thought going through my head was, “please be quilt worthy!”

Well, Seth, Mary’s grandson, certainly is quilt worthy! You can see how much he appreciated this quilt in the picture and, bonus, so did his friends! Their appreciation is written all over their faces. I just love the genuine smiles and how they are examining the aspects of the quilt up close.

Seth opening his gift




I love this quilt! I love the details and the care that Mary so clearly took to be sure it is perfect for her grandson. Mary used Sulky Rayon for the quilting and Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Petites™ in white for all of the song lyrics and names which she embroidered by hand. Mary said she loves hand embroidery and applique. Thank you, Mary for letting us share this amazing quilt with the world.





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