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This Halloween, Sulky Stick ‘n Carve Will Save The Day

I went into a craft store the other day and noticed that the Halloween decorations and items are already out. We love Halloween at our house! The decorations, the candy, the costumes and we have a family tradition to carve a pumpkin together every year. Up until this year, I have been on a campaign to get rid of this tradition. I have tried for years to skip it because, quite frankly, it is so much work! First there is the scraping out of the yucky slimy seeds, then trying to find a pattern to carve on the pumpkin that I can actually do that doesn’t look like like a blindfolded drunk man did it. If you do find the right pattern, you have to find a way to transfer the pattern to the pumpkin! These are just not my favorite jobs. But every year I am overruled because the girls and my hubby love the pumpkin carving tradition. I do have hope for this year, though. My husband said he will do the yucky work of cleaning out the center of the pumpkin and now, thanks to Zombie Pumpkins and Sulky Stick ‘n Carve™, transferring the pattern to the pumpkin should be a breeze!Stick n Carve packaging Zombie Pumpkins is a great website with all kinds of pumpkin carving designs. He has very-intricate and scary, to easy and fun. He even has some Disney characters! He rates the patterns by the skill level needed to carve the pattern, too which is helpful for amateurs like me. After you pick a pattern, comes the magic : Print it right onto the Stick ‘n Carve! Print on the Stick n Carve Cut your pattern down to size for your pumpkin, peel off the backing paper and stick it on the pumpkin. Stick n carve on pumpkin Now carve! I highly recommend the Zombie Pumpkin tool kit. Pumpkin_3 When you are finished, rinse your pumpkin in the sink and the Stick ‘n Carve just washes away. (If you know Sulky products, this may sound familiar. That’s because Stick ‘n Carve is Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy!) Pumpkin done If pumpkin carving can really be this easy, then the tradition will probably live on in my house. Sulky Stick ‘n Carve also works on craft pumpkins. Look at these that my co-worker did. Carved craft pumpkin carved craft pumpkin 2 You can carve other things too with this same easy method, like a watermelon for a summer party.

watermelon print


Stick it and Carve it!

You can find Sulky Stick ‘n Carve in Joann Fabric and Craft stores and online in Zombie Pumpkin’s Shop. Every package of Stick ‘n Carve comes with a Free Zombie Pumpkin design and you can find other free designs from him here. If you want to see Sulky Stick ‘n Carve in action, the watch this short video:

Happy Halloween!

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