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Quick Snap Bag Pattern & Tutorial

It is kind of ironic that I own yards and yards of fabric, I sew almost every day and yet more often than not, I carry projects and other miscellaneous things around in plastic zip top bags. The other day, I had 30 minutes to sew and decided to make some snap bags to put things in instead of those silly zip top bags.


snap bag 6
All the accessories for my car are made with FSU fabric.

Here is how I made them.


1 metal measuring tape from the dollar store
1 pair of scissors from the dollar store
Serger (optional)
Sewing machine

The first two, I made to go in my car and hold the head phones for the car’s DVD player. the finished bags needed to measure at least 8″ x 8″ so I cut four 10″ squares, put 2 squares right sides together and serged on 3 sides.

snap bag 1

Next I took apart the metal measuring tape that I purchased at the dollar store. I like the dollar store ones because the metal can be cut with the scissors that I purchased at that same dollar store. Lay down a piece of the metal measuring tape and cut 2 pieces the approximate length of the bag, just inside the lines of stitching.

snap bag 2

Use your same dollar store scissors and round off the ends of the measuring tape.

snap bag 3

Fold down the top about 1/2 inch and then 1 inch and iron. This gave me a casing to insert my 2 pieces of measuring tape. Put these in with the number side down. Trust me, that is really important or the bag won’t snap closed when you are finished (Ask me how I know).

snap bag 4

I used my Clover Wonder Clips to hold the measuring tape in place when I sewed the casing closed.

snap bag 7

Once you sew the casing closed, you’re done! Turn it and enjoy. These were so easy to make that I made 2 more for my hand embroidery projects. I wanted to be sure one of these bags was big enough for projects that use a full sheet of Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy so I cut 2 rectangles that were 10″ x 14″ for one. The smaller one was made out of the fabric that I had left over from cutting the 10″ strip for the bigger bag.

snap bag 8

snap bag 10
The cute bunny and turtle are free embroidery patterns from our friends at Penguin & Fish. Click on the photo and it will take you to the website to get the pattern for yourself.

I made all 4 bags, including taking the pictures, in less than 30 minutes.  Kids especially love these bags because of the cool snapping noise when opened and closed.

Happy Sewing!

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