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The Quilt Sandwich


sandwichToday is National Sandwich day, so I thought I would give you a couple of tips to improve my favorite kind of sandwich: The Quilt Sandwich!


Just in case you are new to quilting, a quilt sandwich is what we call it when you have layered the backing fabric, the batting and the quilt top together. We do this in order to quilt the three layers together so it can, in fact, become an actual quilt. When I first started quilting, the only way to keep these three layers together was to pin (and pin and PIN) so they would all stay smooth during the quilting process.

KK2000 (2)

Now, however, I don’t use pins (YAY!) I use Sulky KK 2000™. It is a temporary spray adhesive that holds the layers together perfectly, but doesn’t gum up my needle. It holds the layers together long enough for me to quilt, but dissipates after I’m done, without any help from me.  Or, if I want to hurry it along, I can use a warm dry iron to press the quilt sandwich. Or, if I’m not as quick as I thought I’d be, I can store it in a zip-lock bag to keep it “stuck” longer. If that wasn’t reason enough to use KK 2000, it is also safe for the environment since it has no CFC’s or HCFC’s and is ozone friendly. It is also non-flammable and non-toxic so even my quilting friends who have asthma or allergies can almost always use the product.  You may have noticed that it comes in a smaller can than some other spray adhesives, but did you know that there is actually 70% MORE usable product in the can? Since Sulky uses an environmentally friendly, heavier-than-air propellant, it takes up less room in the can, so there is a lot more room for the actual adhesive.

When making my quilt sandwich, I spray the Sulky KK 2000 onto the fabric not the batting because it will dissipate more quickly on the batting.

Sulky Soft N Sheer extra

Are you making a wall hanging and you want to be sure it will hang straight and flat? Try putting Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer Extra on the back of your quilt top before you make your quilt sandwich and quilt through it. This great stabilizer will iron right onto the wrong side of your quilt top after you square it up and will really hold your quilt nice and flat. It gives just the right amount of stability without making your piece feel stiff.

I hope these little hints are helpful! Happy Sandwich Day and Happy Sewing!

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