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September is finally here! I love September; it’s my favorite month. My birthday is in September, Fall begins in September (my favorite season) and there are lots of quilt and sewing shows in September! I love quilt and sewing shows because I always come away inspired by the talent of others and usually with a few new projects. That’s one reason I am excited about the “Quilting Live!” show presented by Fons & Porter and Keepsake Quilting Sept. 11 – 13 here in Atlanta, GA. I will be working in the Sulky booth (# 422, Come see me!) on Friday and checking out the quilts and other vendors on the other days.

I happened upon some extra tickets to the show yesterday, so if you are in the Atlanta area and want to come to the show, comment on this post with the answer to this question, “What is your favorite aspect of a quilt or sewing show?”

I will choose the winners at random and let you know on Monday!

Good luck and Happy Sewing!

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  • Carole Corn

    All the inspiration that I get seeing all the beautiful work of others and drooling over all the new fabrics, kits, accessories, books etc. that makes our hobby/craft what it is. I’m close to Atlanta so I hope to go.

  • Julienne Burns

    Everyone’s energetic and excited to see and do new things. Everyone likes to share their experiences and knowledge. All of us have a common joy in life. It’s a great, refreshing time.

  • Linda Brown

    I love attending quilt and sewing shows; looking at the beautiful quilts, the new ideas, the colors and fabrics. I’m like a kid in a toy store. I don’t want to miss anything. I want to touch everything and talk to anyone else who is as happy as I am to just be there! And of course the shopping….great to have so much variety in one place. I would have to say my favorite thing is everything 🙂

  • Whiskers

    I’m far away from Atlanta and life is complicated, but my favorite part of sewing/quilting shows is the vendors. What is new? I make a circuit of the vendors, do the quilts, and then go back and shop, unless something I see on my first circuit says, “I won’t be here if you wait.” ‘}

  • Nancy Root

    I enjoy the hunt for new processes/techniques in quilting and sewing. I am Always ready to learn by looking and analyzing quilts in the shows so I can come up with a project of my own. The quilts are so inspiring. The venders have so many ideas to share. To some it can be overwhelming to me I try to absorb everything I can.

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