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Re-Cap of Quilting Live!

This was such a fun show that I thought you would enjoy¬†“going to the show” with me. Here are the pictures I took at the show. Check out The Quilting Live! website here to get info on next year’s show. Maybe I will see you there!


Nancy Sapin in the Sulky booth
Nation Educator Nancy Sapin in the Sulky booth


I saw a ton of amazing quilts of all styles: Art, Modern, Traditional. It was so much fun to be able to see so many different styles in one place.


qlive 32qlive 31 qlive 29 qlive 26 qlive 25 qlive 24 qlive 21 qlive 19 qlive 12 qlive 10 qlive 9 qlive 5 qlive 3

It was also really cool to see quilts that I had seen in some of my favorite magazines

qlive mag booth

qlive 37 qlive 8 qlive 7 qlive mag area

There were several inspiring exhibits, but my favorite was the “Evolution of an Artist” that featured the works of wonderful artists John Flynn, Wendy Huhn, Kaye Koler, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Vikki Pignatelli, Sharon Schamber and Holice Turnbow.

qlive 36 qlive 35 qlive 34 qlive 33 qlive 28 qlive 27 qlive 14 qlive 13

I was particularly thrilled to get to chat with Holice Turnbow about his quilts, his journey with quilting and his life. My good friend had taken his class at the show and said it was great!

Holice Turnbow's Evolution of an Artist Exhibit was great!
Holice Turnbow’s Evolution of an Artist Exhibit was great!

Here are some of my favorite whimsical quilts.

qlive 18 qlive 30 qlive 6 qlive 1 qlive 17


I was also inspired by lots of amazing quilting.

qlive 23 qlive 22 qlive 16 qlive 15

I truly enjoyed this show for the variety and inspiration. I can’t wait for next year! My favorite quilt is the boy and the chicken with their mouths open. What’s your favorite?

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