Remembering 911


This day holds a great deal of emotion for me. Like most of us, I remember everything about that fateful day. I remember being glued to the television and I just kept thinking, “This can’t be real.” But as the daughter of a retired policeman, remembering the sacrifices of all those police, fire fighters and other public servants really hits home in a very raw and emotional way. For the majority of my upbringing, my father was an undercover narcotics agent here in Atlanta, GA. He had some very close encounters with death over the years and I was very aware that when he left the house, he may not come home alive. Thankfully, my father always did come home.


On Sept. 11, 2001, however, there were hundreds of families whose mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters did not come home and never will. For many people today marks the anniversary of one more year without them, one more year of not seeing a child grow into adulthood, of not having a brother or sister home for the holidays, one more year of loss.


So although today is sad for me, I know that by the grace of God, I am not experiencing the loss that others feel today. That is why I am asking you to stop today and remember. Be grateful for all you have and send prayers for comfort and peace for those who have lost so much.


Here at Sulky of America and in my home, we pray for blessings on those who have suffered great losses and protection for all public servants who sacrifice for our safety and well being everyday.

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