Sulky Thread’s Color Coded Spools

I love things that make my life easier: automatic needle threaders, programmable thermostats, drive-through Starbucks, and when things are color coded! I jumped up and down when Schmetz introduced their color coded machine needles. Most people know that Sulky’s stabilizers are color coded but did you know that Sulky’s thread is color coded? Here is your cheat sheet to know which color means what:


Rayon: 40 wt. Rayon (our most popular thread) has Blue on the end of the king spools, and the writing on the small spools is boring black (yes, that was the first thread type we introduced – who knew we’d have end up having so many!)

Sulky e-commerce catalog shoot

30 wt. Rayon has Red on the end of the king spools and the writing on the end of the smaller snap end spools is also Red


Polyester: 40 wt. Poly Deco™ has a Green label on the end of the king spool and the writing on the end of the smaller snap spools is also Green


60 wt. PolyLite™ has Purple writing on the end of the snap end spools (also available in 1,650 yd. MINI-CONES)


Cotton: 30 wt Cotton, both solids and Blendables®, have a Brown label on the end of the king spools

Sulky e-commerce catalog shoot, table 2

Heavy 12 wt. Cotton, both solids and Blendables, have an Orange label on the end of the king spools

Sulky e-commerce catalog shoot

Hopefully this helps when sorting through some of our threads!  And, of course, they also say the weight on each spool, too.  Why is the weight important?  Well, you need to choose a needle appropriate to the weight of the thread, or shredding and breakage can occur; and you want the right weight of thread for your fabric/project, too.  Oddly, the smaller the number, the heavier the thread.  There’s a scientific reason for this that I’ll explain another time.  

If you want a PDF of this info you can get it here: Thread Labels

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    • Kelly Nagel

      I feel your pain, Joan! Guessing can be really hard especially if it is one of the Sulky Cotton Blendables thread. I will send your comment “up the chain.” Thanks for the feedback!

  • Whiskers

    I have used Sulky threads for a long time. My machine behaves very well with them. BUT, it is very difficult to find weights other than Rayon 40 wt where I live. I have used PolyLite and love it, but the only source was what I’ve won from a national magazine, or thank you gift from the Hoffman Challenge. Same for the Cotton Petites. Our small quilting shops cannot carry a half dozen different brands of thread. They have a hard time competing with the national chain store.

    • Kelly Nagel

      Whiskers, Thank you for being a friend of Sulky! I love the threads too for the same reasons. Currently, the best source for the full line of Sulky Thread is online at sites such as http://www.uncommonthread.com/. They carry the full line of Sulky products. Sulky Cotton Threads, such at the Petites, are NOT available to national chain stores. You can only purchase those in small quilt shops and some online retailers so if your quilt shop chose to carry Sulky Cotton threads in Petites, Solid Colors and Blendables, they would not ever have to worry about competing with the chains. I hope this helps!

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