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Trends from 2014 Fall Quilt Market

This was my first International Quilt Market. I had heard rumors of how big it was and the over-the-top creative displays, but I didn’t quite grasp the scale. I wish I could accurately describe this amazing show. I was simultaneously amazing and overwhelmed, inspired and in awe of everything around me. Now that I am home and have had a day or two to process the whole thing, this is what I see as the up and coming trends from the 2014 Fall Quilt Market. (NOTE: Forgive some of my pictures! The lighting in the Expo hall made it hard for my camera to focus, but you’ll get the idea!)

Grey – Grey has been more popular every year for the last few years. For many quilters, grey has all but replaced white as their neutral of choice. We saw a ton of grey at Market

trends 16

trends 7

trends 6

trends 5

Hand Sewing – I am so excited to see a resurgence in hand sewing! And there was something for everyone. Wool, modern, purses, cross-stitch; whether you like primitive or modern; bright colors or reproduction, there is a hand sewing project out there for you to pick up and try.

trends 4
Bright and cheery wool projects from
1776 plays with wool design
Traditional wool applique from Plays With Wool Designs
Pearl Pereira from P3 Designs
Pearl Pereira from P3 Designs

Art – We all know that quilting is art, but often we are treated as the wicked step sister of the art world. I have always loved fine art. I could spend everyday in a museum and it still wouldn’t be long enough, so seeing fine art have such a strong influence on the quilting world is wonderful. I loved the Anthropology booth with quilts that were interpretations of fine art masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


trends 15
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Van Gogh’s Starry Night
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
Monet is my favorite
Anthology Fabrics Interpretations of Impressionist art
What collection would be complete without this lady’s smile

Frond Fabrics have always started as art pieces that are made into fabric, and this year’s line up is more stunning than ever.

Frond Fabrics

Frond Fabrics

The Fabric used in this cape is a great piece of art and uses a lot of gray
The Fabric used in this cape is a great piece of art and uses a lot of gray

I also fell in love with Art Gallery Fabrics. The colors are rich and the designs are fantastic. It was really cool to get to meet and chat with the artists that designed the fabrics to find out what inspires them.

Art Gallery Fabrics
Art Gallery Fabrics

market trends art gallery

It’s not just quilts anymore! – This show may be called Quilt Market, but there was so much more than quilts! There were handbags, jackets, fashion clothes, wine totes, cosplay costumes, hair accessories, home decor, kitchen towels and even jewelry.

wearable art 4
I would totally wear this
Boot Wine Tote
Love this Wine Tote from The Sweet Tea Girls
barbados bag
Fun Barbados Bag from Pink Sand Beach Designs
Market trends dresses
Great dresses!

We are breaking the rules. Long gone are the days of the quilt police! Today’s quilt artist is mixing mediums of all sorts. Everything from metallic threads to paper in their projects. Welcome to a whole new era of fiber art and I, for one, am all for it!

market trends breaking rules

Thread sketching – Whether it’s embellishing an already printed fabric panel or creating an entire winter wonderland, thread is a fantastic paint palette. This is probably a natural progression for us since we have all decided collectively to break all the rules. Combining different thread types, colors and styles, you can achieve some amazing results.

Winter Day Detail
The Best of Show Winner, Winter Day, Detail

Modern – “Modern” quilts will always be a trend, because as artists, we are always looking for new and different ways to express ourselves. This current view of modern has gotten extremely popular. With lots of geometric lines, intricate quilting and embellishments, I am a huge fan of the Modern Quilt Movement.

trends 3

trends 1

One of my very favorites!
One of my very favorites!

Words – As a writer, I have always had an affinity for the printed word. It is rather ironic that my writing is primarily on the internet, because given the choice between an e-book and an actual paper book, I will choose paper every time. I just love how the written word looks and feels. It is great to see more words, letters and says making it into our world of fiber and fabric.

trends 17

trends 18

trends 8

So that’s what I see. What trends are you seeing in the world of quilting and sewing?

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