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6 Trends from Spring Quilt Market 2014

One of the great things about Spring Quilt Market is being able to spot the new trends in the sewing and embroidery world. Although the show itself can be overwhelming, these are the trends that we saw and liked this year:

Cotton + Steel: Cotton + Steel is a new division of RJR Fabrics that is a collaboration of 5 different designers to come up with one cohesive look. That means that all of the fabrics from all five lines all go together. The fabrics have a retro/modern feel and have a wonderfully soft color palette. I think we will be seeing a lot of great things coming out of Cotton + Steel in the very near future. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on some of their fabrics!

cotton steel sample spree
This is the chaos in front of the Cotton + Steel table at the Sample Spree at the Spring Market. Everyone was excited to get their hands on these new fabrics

All Things Retro: Retro is the new modern! Funny, I know, but true! Modern quilting is on the rise and certainly a trend we saw at market. The return of retro is a huge part of the modern movement. From the design to the colors and the images, all things retro is back in style. For me, this means I can dig into the back of my stash and a lot of those fabrics are perfect to start using again.

jillily studio
This was our booth neighbor at Quilt Market. They were perfectly retro! I love the bicycle and the cherries.
riley blake market
Riley Blake has been a trend setter in the industry for awhile now and this year is no exception. Chevron is still really popular and I personally love the vintage camera fabric in the spring line

Soft Colors: Last year, the colors were strong and bold, neon even. This year brings a return to soft, muted colors. Even the lime green isn’t as bright as before. The nice thing about these muted tones is you can use the brights from last year and this year’s fabric, and they will work beautifully together.

goetzen booth marketmarket fabric 2 market fabric 1

Lots and Lots of Modern: Modern quilting and fabrics are on the rise as well as the modern quilter! Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in people with an obsession for modern quilting at a much younger age. We love this trend! The more people we can get enjoying sewing and quilting at a younger age the better! That just means more creative people expressing themselves and making this world a better and prettier place.

Art quilts: I think it’s interesting that quilters in general don’t consider themselves artists when they are in fact amazing artists. This is even more evident with an increase in art quilts. This year’s Quilt Market had no shortage of amazing art quilts.

larry by Jennifer day 1
“Larry” by Jennifer Day
zen magpies by helen godden 2
Detail section of “Zen Magpies” by Helen Godden

Modern Hand Stitching: The increased popularity in hand embroidery, especially modern hand embroidery has us tickled pink here at Sulky. Our Cotton Petites are perfect for all these amazing new designs like the ones from Penguin and Fish, inc. I am envisioning a hand embroidery “block of the month” in this blog’s near future. What do you think?

hedgehog embroidery market
Penguin and Fish, inc. has wonderful hand embroidery designs that are clean, modern and delightfully simple
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