• embroider a can koozie

    How to Embroider a Can Koozie Blank

    Embroider a Can Koozie Learn how to embroider a can koozie with this quick tutorial. A can koozie makes a great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays or any time of year. Find a fun design that fits the can koozie front or use software to resize a design to fit. CAN KOOZIE SUPPLIES Can Koozie Blank (SPOILER ALERT: find one in our 35th Anniversary Mystery Box! Available for purchase on 6/17/22!) Sulky Rayon or Poly Deco™ Thread (machine embroidery; colors according to chosen embroidery design) Poly Deco™ Thread (construction; one spool for sewing machine, 3 or 4 spools for serging) 60 wt. Bobbin or PolyLite™ Thread Organ® 90/14 Embroidery Needles…

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  • Hanukkah Tea Towels Tutorial

    Hanukkah Tea Towels with Embroidery & Trim

    Hanukkah Tea Towels with embroidery & trim Learn how to embroider Hanukkah tea towels trimmed with fabric and fun pom-pom trim. For different holidays, simply swap the embroidery design and fabric colors to suit your kitchen décor. Tea towel blanks make quick and easy work of last-minute gifts, too! HANUKKAH TEA TOWEL SUPPLIES Supplies listed are enough to make 2 tea towels. 2 Tea Towel Embroidery Blanks (or other suitable towel, such as flour sack towels, guest towels or dish towels) Fabri-Solvy™ Stabilizer Sulky Rayon Thread (colors determined by embroidery color sequence chart(s) 60 wt. Bobbin Thread (to match towel) Organ® Needles: size 80/12 Mictotex (choose an Embroidery Needle is…

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  • Hanukkah Wall Hanging

    Hanukkah Wall Hanging with Machine Embroidery

    Hanukkah Wall Hanging with Sulky Poly Star™ Thread Create a festive Hanukkah wall hanging with sparkle, created with Sulky Poly Star thread. The polyester thread has flecks of metallic running through it, making it the easiest metallic thread to sew. It’s a 30 wt. thread, so make some adjustments if using a machine embroidery design digitized for 40 wt. thread. SUPPLIES Cotton+Steel 50 wt. Thread by Sulky (construction) Sulky Bobbin thread (for embroidery) Winter Poly Star 6-pack Sampler or Silver Poly Star 6-pack Sampler Sulky 40 wt. Rayon thread Stabilizers: Sulky Tear-Easy™ & Soft ‘n Sheer™ Extra Organ Needles: 90/14 Embroidery (machine embroidery) & 70/10 Universal (construction) Fabric: Coordinating quilting…