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  • machine embroidery on sequin fabric and sequin skirt tutorial

    Machine Embroidery on Sequin Fabric + Skirt Tutorial

    Machine Embroidery on Sequin Fabric + A Super Easy Sequin Skirt Tutorial Sequin fabric is all the rage! It’s seen on everything from jackets to dresses to shoes. There’s no better fabric for a New Year’s Eve bash, and we’ve accepted the challenge to combine sequin fabric with machine embroidery for a party-worthy look for any occasion. This amazing rose-gold sequin fabric will transform into a skirt with machine embroidery for the New Year’s Ever party I am attending this year. Machine Embroidery on Sequin Fabric After checking out Embroidery Online, I decided I also wanted to add this machine embroidery element to the sequin fabric skirt. Doing machine embroidery…