patriotic place mat
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Place Mat – Quilted Team USA Appliqué Project

Make a Place Mat to Show Your Patriotic Pride

quilted team USA place mat

Make this place mat to prep for July 4 entertaining, decorating for the summer Olympics and more. This project features piecing, appliqué quilting and sparkly binding. Choose one or all of the techniques to make this place mat your own. Create a set that matches or several slightly different variations for your festive place setting.

Finished place mat measures 12” x 16 ¾”. Supplies are enough for one place mat.



Cut each charm square in half diagonally to create 6 HSTs (half-square triangles).

Audition the triangles into a pleasing arrangement to create a pieced panel consisting of two HSTs by three HSTs. If using a directional print, make sure the prints are facing the same direction when piecing.

To begin, stitch two HSTs together along the long diagonal edge.

piecing place mat panel

Press the seam toward the darker fabric.

pieced charm HSTs

Once three squares are stitched, stitch them together along the upper and lower edges, with right sides together. Press the seams downward.

pieced panel before pressing

Stitch the pieced panel to one short edge of the front fabric rectangle, keeping in mind the fabric print direction if applicable. Press the seam toward the pieced panel.


Grab the Sulky Stars printable and decide which style and size(s) of star to appliqué to the place mat front. Print the appliqué template pages you need.

Fuse the fusible web to the chosen fabric scraps, making sure the fabrics are large enough for the chosen star(s). Use a non-stick pressing sheet, if desired, to avoid transferring fusible to the iron surface.

Trace the desired star(s) onto the paper side of the fusible web. (Use a light box to trace, if desired.)

Cut out each appliqué. Remove the paper backing to expose the fusible adhesive.

Audition the stars right side up on the place mat front, making sure the edges are within the binding allowance. (The featured star edges were placed 1 ¼” from the fabric edge.)

audition appliques on place mat

Place stars along the upper right corner and lower left corner of the front rectangle, or just the upper right corner per the finished sample.

TIP: Try layering stars to create fun appliqués.

layering applique stars

Once the arrangement is to your liking, fuse the star(s) right side up onto the place mat front, using a press cloth if desired to ensure no fusible transfers to the iron surface.

fused applique stars on place mat


Place the place-mat backing wrong side up on a flat work surface. Spray the wrong side with KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive.

fuse place mat pieces to batting

Position the batting over the backing. Smooth the batting down using your hand, securing it to the backing fabric.

Center the pieced front over the batting, using more KK 2000 to secure.

TIP: Spray the fabrics, rather than the batting, with KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive so it doesn’t absorb too quickly into the batting.


Install a size 70/10 Organ® Universal Needle.

Choose a thread color from the Patriotic Pride Thread Palette for Quilting. Wind a bobbin and thread the needle with the same (or coordinating) thread color.

Set the machine for a 2.5mm straight stitch. Stitch 1/8” inside each appliqué shape. Stitch again, following the previous stitching but wavering a bit for a “sketchy” look.

stitching appliques

Echo quilt the front, following each appliqué shape and placing each quilting line ¼” apart. Keep the quilting away from the pieced panel.

echo quilting

Once the echo quilting is complete, quilt in the ditch of each pieced panel seam. (If you have a laser light function on your sewing machine, it’s super helpful for quilting in the ditch!)

quilt in the ditch of place mat seams

Trim the edges to approximately 12” x 16 ¾”.

trim place mat edges even


Bind the place mat using your preferred method. Or consult this tutorial to learn how to machine-sew binding using Sulky Invisible Thread.

finished Team USA Place Mat

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