Why September Is The Best Month

Just the other day I got out of my car and took in a big breath of air. I could hardly contain my excitement. I could smell the promise of fall. That slight bit of crispness, the low to possibly no humidity in the air; I have to admit, I went straight home and started pulling out my fall decor for the house.

Fall leaf
I love the fall. It is my favorite season full of my favorite colors, my favorite temperatures and my favorite activities. But September is truly my favorite of all! Here is my list of reasons why:

Birthday Cake
My Birthday! My birthday is in September. When I was growing up I truly believed that we had labor day because that must have been the day my mom went into labor to have me. My birth gave the whole world a day off. You’re Welcome 🙂 ! We celebrate birthdays big time in my family. You get a party, a family dinner, lots of happy birthday phone calls, cards and well wishes. Your day starts with a cupcake and ends with your favorite cake. In my house growing up, birthdays were like birthdays on Facebook before Facebook was invented.

National Sewing Month logo
September is National Sewing Month! Yes, it’s true! You are allowed to sew every day for the whole month and no one can stop you. It’s basically the law. Tell your hubby I said so. You don’t have to cook, clean the house or do laundry. Just sew! In case you need some inspiration, check out our Free Projects page on the website, follow me on Pinterest and you can always follow my blog too!

FSU Stadium
Football starts. I am a southerner so loving college football is basically a requirement, and I really, really love college football. It certainly doesn’t hurt that my beloved Florida State University Seminoles have great colors, Garnet and Gold, that are perfect colors for decorating and sewing. Here is a blog post I did last year about getting ready for football season.

School Supplies
School Starts! I love having my kids at home for the summer but the routine and structure brought on by school starting is wonderful. Not only am I more productive but I am more creative! I believe that knowing your boundaries gives you the space you need to unleash your full creative spirit.

Apples! Yummy, yummy apples! One of the perks of living in North Georgia is being able to pick apples off the trees when they are in season. Apples have been a big inspiration to me lately. You may see some fun apple inspired projects on the blog soon.

Fall Festivals! Whether it’s the North Georgia State Fair or my kid’s fall festival at the elementary school, I love them all! I love getting hot apple cider and looking through all the fun craft booths. I am always inspired by the number of creative people in the world and how people use their hands and minds to create art. One of the art festivals I attend every year features wonderful ceramic pottery and amazing things carved from wood. I love having one of a kind art pieces like these to sit on top of my quilted table runners or a beautiful wood turned bowl for my sewing supplies in my sewing room.

gift box
It’s time to start giving! With the end of the year holidays fast approaching, it’s not surprising that we start to think about gifts and giving around September. I will begin highlighting lots of fun and easy to make gifts on my blog from now until the end of the year, but I will also be doing a series called Sulky Supports, that highlights the charities that we specifically support and want you to be able to support as well.
National Sewing Month logo
For the entire month of September I will highlight a new charity every week, tell you what we do to support them and let you know how you can support them as well. All of these organizations are near and dear to my heart so I can’t think of a better way to spend National Sewing month than to sew a few things for these awesome charities.

Happy Sewing!

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