How to Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow
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How to Sew A Tooth Fairy Pillow

How to Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow

finished tooth fairy pillow hanging on doorknob

for National Tooth Fairy Day!

Learn how to sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow in a few easy steps. Sulky Felty makes a great tooth-shaped pocket, while a bit of hand embroidery stitches a smile. Dive into your button stash for the eyes, and hang the pillow from braided cord. This keepsake gift is sure to be one that’s treasured.



Draw a tooth shape of your choice that fits within a 3″ square. Use this tooth template to cut one tooth pocket from the white Felty.

Draw a smile on the tooth front where desired, using a removable fabric marker.

Thread a hand sewing needle with one strand of Cotton Petites Thread in the color of your choice for the smile. Backstitch along the smile line. Tie off the thread at both ends on the Felty wrong side. Then, remove the fabric marker.

Stitching smile on tooth pocket

Place two buttons on the tooth pocket front where desired. Thread the hand sewing needle with one strand of Cotton Petites in a color that matches the buttons. Hand sew each button in place.

adding button eyes to pocket

Center the pocket on one fabric square.


Install a new size 70/10 Universal Needle and thread it with white 50 wt. Cotton Thread. Use the same thread in the bobbin.

stitching pocket to fabric base

Stitch the tooth pocket to the fabric square, leaving about a 2 1/2″ opening at the tooth upper edge.

Place the cording or ribbon ends along the fabric square upper edge, with each end about 1″ away from center. Angle the ends, if desired, to obtain more of a “loop” shape to the hanger.

placing cording along tooth pocket upper edge

Baste or stitch the cording or ribbon ends in place, 1/8″ from the fabric edge.

basting cording ends to tooth pocket

Place the remaining fabric square right side up over the embellished fabric square, making sure to orient any directional print properly, if using.

pillow fabrics ready to be stitched

Stitch the Tooth Fairy Pillow pillow perimeter, leaving a 3″ opening along the lower edge for turning.

pillow stitched with opening

Clip the Tooth Fairy Pillow corners and trim the lower edge seam to 1/8″, except for the opening raw edges (leave those at 1/4″).

Turn the Tooth Fairy Pillow right side out through the opening. Use a chopstick or turning tool to push out the corners.

tooth fairy pillow turned right side out

Stuff the pillow with fiberfill until the desired plumpness is achieved. Make sure to fill the corners first, and then evenly distribute the fiberfill in the pillow. Run the chopstick or turning tool down the seamlines inside the pillow so the stuffing fills the areas.

stuffing tooth fairy pillow

Using a whipstitch, ladder stitch or slipstitch, hand sew the opening closed using 50 wt. Cotton Thread.

stitching pillow closed

Hang the Tooth Fairy Pillow from a door knob or hook and place precious teeth inside the pocket, to be replaced with a bit of coin by the Tooth Fairy herself!

tooth fairy pillow hanging on hook with sunlight

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