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I Quilt Appliqué Wall Hanging Free Pattern

I Quilt Appliqué Sign

I Quilt Applique Sign

Create a wall hanging that shouts your love of quilting on this National Quilting Day! Included are appliqué templates to create a number of quilty phrases, such as “i QUILT,” “QT QUILTER,” “LUV 2 QUILT,” and more. Choose your favorite quilting method and sewing-themed fabrics to create a sign worthy of hanging in your sewing space.



Grab the I Quilt Applique Free Pattern and determine the phrase you want to display. The letters included in the pattern are: I (upper and lowercase), Q, U, L, T, V and the number 2. You can combine these letters in a numbers of ways to declare your love of quilting! Or, choose a block letter font on your computer and print your own name, word or phrase to display on the wall hanging.

Remember to use the mirror-image of each letter when transferring the outlines onto the fusible web paper. (I made this mistake and thankfully all the letters but Q looked fine either way! But I did have to retrace the Q in order for it to read correctly after the appliqué was cut out.)

i Quilt applique mistake
OOPS! Remember to trace the mirror image of each letter for appliqué!

Use Sulky Perfect Appliqué Fusible Web for best results. This fusible web is very lightweight, yet strong, so it doesn’t change the hand of your quilt, keeping everything nice and soft.

Perfect applique fusible web

After fusing the appliqués per the pattern, choose the decorative stitch you like best to further secure each appliqué perimeter. The featured pattern showcases a blanket stitch, but a serpentine stitch or fun sewing-themed stitch would also look great!

i quilt appliques in place


There are so many quilting options for this sign. Try your hand at free-motion quilting (especially if you are taking or have finished our Free-Motion for Beginners Quilting Session!). Straight-line quilt along the borders, or choose a decorative stitch and stitch every 2″ on the diagonal. leave teh appliqué lettering and cornerstones free, if desired.

Check out the FREE pattern for even more quilting ideas, with thread recommendations for different results. Enjoy!

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