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Lucky Sweatshirt – How to Embroider a St. Patrick’s Day Design

Lucky Sweatshirt finished design on model

Lucky Sweatshirt to Embroider for St. Patrick’s Day

Embroider a Lucky Sweatshirt to show your love of all things St. Patrick’s Day! This tutorial is helpful for embroidering any type of stable sweatshirt knit, with a fleece or fuzzy interior. Grab the Feeling Lucky Machine Embroidery Palette to have all 10 threads featured in this design at the ready, along with the entire design collection – included with purchase!



To decipher the stabilizer needed for your particular sweatshirt, first look at the fiber content of the fabric. Then, head over to sulky.com, click on Resources and Inspiration, and then click on Resources. There you will find our Stabilizer Selector Tool, where you can plug in the technique and fabric you’re using and get a recommended stabilizer!

Stabilizer Selector Tool

For the featured sweatshirt, two stabilizers are recommended for the sweatshirt backing. I chose Stiffy, as the Sticky+ would not have performed well with the sweatshirt fleece wrong side. Note that when the Selection Tool recommends Sticky+, it’s a good indication that the fabric you’re using should not be hooped. Rather, hoop the stabilizer only, and then stick the item onto the sticky stabilizer.

The following tutorial shows this method, but using Sulky Stiffy combined with Sulky KK 2000 to provide the sticky surface for the sweatshirt to adhere for embroidery.


The chosen design, Lucky, is part of the Sulky Feeling Lucky Machine Embroidery Design Collection.

This design comes in three sizes: for a 4×4, 5×7 or 9×10 (or larger) hoop. For the chosen design, the 5×7 size was used and enlarged 20% on the machine screen to best fir the sweatshirt embroidery area. The featured sweatshirt is a size Large. If working with a smaller sweatshirt or kids’ size sweatshirt, you may want to choose the 4×4 design or the 5×7 design without enlarging it.Lucky Design

Print a template of the chosen design and audition it on the sweatshirt where desired. The center back of the lucky sweatshirt is a great place to showcase a large-scale design!


Use pins or the design template or the placement tool of your choice to mark the center cross marks of the design on the sweatshirt right side where desired.

placement pins for embroidery design on sweatshirt

Hoop the Stiffy stabilizer only in the hoop.

lucky sweatshirt stabilizer in hoop

Then, spray the stabilizer and sweatshirt wrong side with KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive.

spraying stabilizer with adhesive

Next, stick the sweatshirt to the stabilizer, centering the design markings.

placing sweatshirt onto stabilizer

Place the hoop onto the machine. Cut a piece of Sulky Solvy larger than the design perimeter. Spray the Solvy with KK 2000, and then place it over the sweatshirt on the hoop.

spray Solvy for sweatshirt topper

When loading the design onto the machine, tell it to perform a “design perimeter baste” function, if applicable for your machine brand. This further secures the topper in the hoop, and also allows for double-checking the design placement.

design perimeter baste to hold Solvy in place


Embroider the design, using Sulky 60 wt. Bobbin Thread, the Rayon Thread per the design color chart, and the size 90/14 Embroidery Needle. Note that for the gold coins, 30 wt. Poly Sparkle was used for added glitz.

Watch this video to see the design and how to complete the sweatshirt in almost real time.

Wear your Lucky Sweatshirt on St. Patrick’s Day or any day you need a little bit of luck!

Lucky Sweatshirt finished


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