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Cutest Little Easter or May Day Basket


What a fun Easter or May Day Basket to make! Made out of dyed Sulky® Cut-Away Plus™ stabilizer!

By Diane Gloystein
National Educator representing Sulky of America

BERNINA publicity photo



Step 1

Dye a 12” square of Sulky’s Cut Away Plus stabilizer with fabric dye. Mix a 2nd color of dye.  Dye four 18” x 1” strips of Sulky’s Cut Away + stabilizer.

Step 2A

Draw a 12” x 12” Tic Tac Toe centered in the middle of the 12” dyed stabilizer….In other words, divide the 12” square into 9 even segments.

Step 3

Cut out the four corners of the Tic Tac Toe you just drew on the stabilizer. Cut slits up the sides, leaving about 1” uncut at the top.

Step 4A

Step 4B

Set your BERNINA to sew your favorite decorative stitch. Stitch down the middle of three 18” x 1” dyed strips.

Step 5E

Step 6B

Weave the strips. As you weave each strip, anchor in place by machine stitching with invisible thread on each side of the basket.

Step 6A

Turn the 1” top edge of your basket down and edgestitch in place with invisible thread.

Step 7A

Attach the #86 Ruffler foot. Set the Ruffler to stitch one pleat per 6”.  With a 1” strip of stabilizer beneath the Ruffler foot and the ribbon sandwiched into the Ruffler foot, stitch the ribbon to the 1” dyed stabilizer.

Step 8

Attach the handle to the basket by machine stitching with invisible thread.

Step 9B

Fill the basket with beautiful spring flowers and deliver a sweet surprise to someone you love! 



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