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Crossbody Bag with Sulky Blendables Thread

Sulky Cotton Blendables and Crossroad

I am so excited to be on Amy Barickman’s Crossroads Denim Blog Tour! I hope you have been following along on the tour. I have the full schedule with links at the bottom of this post. Be sure you head over to Amy’s blog too so you can enter the fabric and pattern giveaway at the end of the tour!

A few months ago I got Amy’s Magic Pattern book and fell in love with it. I have made a dress from the book and have started on one of the jackets using some of the Crossroads Denim that I received. I also got a pattern for a Crossbody bag. I love this bag and knew it would be the perfect accessory to bring on my trip to Colorado so I set the jacket aside and did the bag.

Crossroads denim blog tour

These denims are wonderful because they are soft yet sturdy and come in wonderful colors that are a perfect backdrop for Sulky Cotton Blendables thread! If you haven’t seen them yet, click on the picture below and you can check out all the yummy colors.

CrossroadsfabriclogoThe pattern was great and easy to follow. I love that she gives you lots of options on how to do this bag. I like it when a pattern doesn’t just tell you one way of doing things. I like for a pattern to be my jumping off point to use my own creativity. Since this looked like a bag I would probably make more than once, the first thing I did was trace the pattern onto Sulky Cut Away Plus™.  Cut Away Plus is great for patterns you plan to use multiple times. It’s sturdier than paper but will still fold up nicely in the bag or envelope that the pattern came in so everything can stay together.

cutaway plus as a pattern

After cutting the pieces out, I began auditioning thread. I love the way these two Sulky Cotton Blendables® thread played with the Crossroads Denim. Blendables are not your ordinary variegated or multi-color thread. Because of a top secret proprietary method of dyeing the thread, each spool is a masterful blend of different colors within the same range of tone and intensity, with random, subtle color changes every 2-1/2″ to 5″. This gives the thread a more organic feel that works great with the casual organic feel of the denim.

picking thread

detail with Sulky Blendables

Bonus Tip: I used KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive to position my pieces on the front so didn’t have to deal with pins.

This is the first time I have used Blendables in my serger, so I was a little nervous about whether or not it would play nice with my fairly basic serger. To my happy surprise, I didn’t have a single issue and I just love the results.

sulky blendables on serger

Using Sulky Blendables in a serger

serged edge detail

The entire bag turned out better than I expected and only took me a few hours to make. It will be the perfect accessory for my trip.

crossbody onecrossbody bag 2crossbody bag 3crossbody bag 4

Thanks for stopping by my blog on the blog tour! Please feel free to comment below and don’t miss the rest of the tour:

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Happy Sewing!

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  • Barbara

    Love your bag! Colors are great. Serger edges with Blendable colors is a pleasing decorative accent.

  • Kathie L

    I’m getting serger envy. Friends that I sewed pillowcases with last weekend had them, and they have so many uses.

  • kbo

    It never occured to me to try blendables in the serger OR to use cut-away for pattern drafting. Thanks for the tips.

  • Karen Poole

    I wanted to comment on a few things from the blog. The first is the Magic Pattern book. I have it and absolutely love it! It is so easy to follow and you don’t need a new pattern for every single project.
    Next, Sulky Blendables! I’ve been using these great threads since they were first introduced. I Zlove These threads. They are really sturdy and beautiful! I have used them in all kinds of decorative sewing. I’ve used them for top stitching, for quilting when I want to add more colorful details to my quilt, I’ve used them for machine applique, they are really pretty for the finishing on an applique, especially if your project has many colors. There are enough different color options to go with pretty much any fabrics I use. I’ve also recently used them in the bobbin when finishing up the quilting on a gift quilt. The backing is very similar to a batik and the blendables really enhance the fabric. I too have used them in my Seeger. I usually will use it in one of the loopers and then a solid in each of the two needles and the other looper.