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DIY Stadium Seat Cushion for Football, Sports & School Activities


DIY stadium seat lead image

Create a DIY stadium seat cushion personalized with embroidery. As the school year starts, there are so many sports and other activities that begin, too. This DIY stadium seat cushion is portable and easily fits in the trunk of the car, so you always have a comfy place to sit. Whether you’re outdoors in the stands (that are hot at the start of the season and cold at the end), indoors on the bleachers, or on the grass, this cushion is adjustable and folds so you can carry it easily.

DIY stadium seat detail with model

The addition of embroidery allows you to personalize it with a team name, mascot, or monogram. Or use the featured Go, Fight, Win! design, provided free, courtesy of Chelsea Briner of Sew Simple Home. Plus, the pockets in front are great for sunscreen, tickets, snacks, and more.

Note: If the nylon fabric you’re using is particularly stretchy, add Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy to the right side before embroidery, rather than using Heat-Away stabilizer. After embroidery is complete, wash away the stabilizer and let the fabric dry before construction. The tacky stabilizer will ensure that the fabric doesn’t stretch during embroidery, resulting in no puckering. Always test-sew using extra fabric, stabilizer, and threads to ensure there’s proper stabilization for your chosen fabric.




Download and print out the pattern. Use the chart below to cut out all the pieces needed for the project.

Number of Pieces Measurements
Stadium Seat Pieces Cut 2 16” x 41”
Nylon Webbing Cut 2

Cut 2

8” long (top)

11” long (bottom)

Strap Cut 1


Mark the center of the stadium-seat top. Add a layer of Cut-Away Plus to the hoop. Spray the stabilizer with KK 2000 and center the fabric over the stabilizer. Finger-press it in place. Pin a layer or two of clear Heat-Away stabilizer over the fabric on the hoop. Embroider the design.

DIY stadium seat with Solvy



Cut a 16″ length of bias tape. Enclose the top raw edge of the pocket piece by wrapping the bias tape around it, and then stitch. Trim away any excess.

DIY stadium seat front pocket sewing 

Place the pocket piece over the stadium-seat top, aligning the lower edges. Stitch the lower edge.  Mark equidistant pocket lines on the pocket piece that are approximately 5 ½” apart.

DIY stadium seat front pocket sewing

Stitch along the marked pocket lines.



With right sides together, stitch two buckle wings along the short edges, leaving a 1” opening on one side.

DIY stadium seat cushion corner sewing

Repeat to stitch the remaining three buckle-wing pieces to create two large wings and two smaller wings.

For the larger wings, thread an 8” piece of webbing through the opening; stitch in place.

For the smaller wings, thread an 11” piece of webbing through the opening; stitch in place.

DIY stadium seat corner

Burn all the webbing ends (including the strap ends).

DIY stadium seat webbing

Place the female side of one parachute buckle through the larger buckle-wing pieces.  Stitch the end down.

Place the male side through the smaller buckle-wing piece.  Fold the end up ½” and stitch across to finish.


DIY stadium seat webbing with buckle 


Place the main stadium seat piece right side up on a flat surface. Measure down 5” along the side. Pin the larger buckle wing to the seat. Repeat on the opposite side.

DIY stadium seat webbing stitches

Measure down 14” and pin one handle side to the seat. Repeat on the opposite side of the handle and seat.

Measure down 21” from the upper edge and pin the smaller buckle wing to the seat. Repeat on the opposite side.

DIY stadium seat length


With right sides together, place the remaining stadium seat piece over the main piece.  Pin across the upper edge and down the two sides. Stitch, using a ½” seam allowance.

Turn the DIY stadium seat right side out through the lower edge.



Trim the foam into two 15” squares. Place one piece of foam into the seat. Stitch across the seat right under the piece of foam to enclose it.  Make sure not to stitch down the strap. Repeat with the second piece of foam.

DIY stadium seat cushion insert

Enclose the lower raw edge using bias tape. Make sure to fold the bias-tape ends in to enclose all raw edges.


DIY stadium seat cushion trimming

Adjust the buckle straps to fit the recipient and level of comfort desired when sitting on hard (or grassy) surfaces.

Make one for each member of the family to have matching school spirit!

DIY stadium seat with model

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