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My Favorite Homemade Starch Recipe

Homemade Starch

Several years ago I started making my own starch from scratch. I took a class with Edyta Sitar, and she made her own and gave me her recipe. I changed it slightly to fit my uses, but this is basically the same recipe.

Homemade Starch Recipe

1 cup of Potato Vodka
4 cups of distilled water
15 drops of organic lavender oil

Why make your own starch, you ask? I have several reasons. First, it’s the absolute best at getting out wrinkles and not leaving any residue. Second, I have friends with allergies and this starch doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. And lastly, but arguably the most important reason, if I get stressed out over a project, I can always take a swig! 😉

So let’s go over why these specific ingredients.

luksusowa-potato-vodka-poland-10518784The vodka must be potato based because potatoes are a starch (I know, they always told us they were a vegetable but they lied to us, it’s a starch).

distilled waterDistilled water is water that all of the extra things, like mineral deposits, have been removed. That means distilled water won’t have anything in it that might cause staining or discoloration on your cloth. It also doesn’t have anything in it that could clog up your spray bottle so it will always spray out nice and evenly.

LavenderessentialoilOrganic lavender essential oil is a natural preservative, and it smells really good. I like to get the organic, even though it’s a little pricier, because I want to be sure there aren’t any weird chemicals or pesticides that could possibly bother my allergy ridden friends for my fabric.

spray bottlePut the homemade starch in a spray bottle and you are ready to starch your fabrics.

Now go make some starch!

Special Note: You can also make starch with your leftover Sulky Solvy® pieces! I will give you that recipe and the uses for this kind of starch in my next post.

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