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Trends from Quiltcon 2017

Trends From Quiltcon 2017

The Sulky Booth at Quiltcon 2017, which took place in Savannah, GA

Quiltcon is a quilt show like no other as it focuses specifically on the world of Modern Quilting!

Best in Show for Quiltcon 2017

The quilt above won Best In Show. It is titled bling by Katherine Jones from Tasmania, Australia. The quilt was paper pieced from solid fabrics; the inspiration for this quilt was a princess cut diamond.

Kelly Nagel and Katherine Jones

I got a chance to chat with Katherine at the show. She is a lovely woman with a passion for all things quilty.

Details of Madonna by Brittany Bowen Burton

Modern quilters use quite a lot of thread! Look at the beautiful machine and hand stitching in the quilt, Madonna by Brittany Bowen Burton, that won for Best Machine Quilting.

This was also the very first show to see our new Cotton + Steel Thread by Sulky. Attendees had a wonderful time trying the thread out in the Cotton + Steel Booth.


Cotton + Steel also had a little area for Quiltcon attendees to take a break from the show and do a little hand stitching with Sulky 12 Wt. Cotton Petites. We heard only great things about both the new 50 Wt. cotton thread, Cotton + Steel Thread by Sulky, and Sulky Cotton Petites at this show.

We noticed some interesting trends in the world of modern quilting which we thought we would share with you:

  1. Facings vs. Bindings –
    This quilt has a facing instead of a binding.

    Lots of quilters in this genre choose to do facings to finish their quilts off as opposed to binding the quilt in the traditional manner. It has an interesting effect on the quilt as this allows the quilt itself to go to the very edge without anything to visually stop it. This might not work on all quilts, but it sure did for many of the Quiltcon quilts.

  2. Combining hand and machine quilting –
    Exchange Student #2 by Jo Glover

    You know we love thread here at Sulky so seeing all the different types of thread and thread techniques in one quilt was just wonderful. Thread adds such great texture and interest to a quilt.

  3. Use of negative space –
    Murmuration Minuend by Janice Marquardt

    The Modern Quilting movement has always been known for heavy use of negative space, but this year at Quiltcon, we think they knocked it out of the park. There were just some amazing quilts that made great use of all that space.

  4. Dare to be different – The wide range of looks, colors, interpretations and techniques has to be our favorite part of Quiltcon.
    Baubaus Birds in the Air by Frances Dowell

    The quilters who enter this show are not afraid to try something new, color outside the lines or show their passion in the form of thread and fabric.

    wafting diamonds by Lisa Hofmann-Maurer

    The passion and energy is palatable at this show. If you have never been to a Quiltcon, we highly recommend you join us for Quiltcon 2018 in Pasadena, CA!

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