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It’s Back! Fearless Free-Motion Stitching II

free motion stitching Eric Drexler

Free-Motion Stitching

with Eric Drexler

In just six 15-45 minute segments, you can learn from Eric Drexler, the Master of Free-Motion, how to easily move beyond the basics of Free-Motion Stitching so you can enjoy more intricate Thread Painting, Quilting, Print Embellishment, Turned or Raw Edge Appliqué, and much, much more!

free motion stitching Eric Drexler

Eric introduced you to the basics in “Fearless Free-Motion Stitching I – For Beginners”:

free motion stitching Eric Drexler

It was an incredible success and we thank you.  He covers some of the basics again in this course (so you do not necessarily have to take the first course before this one); and we include a free, 26-page hand-out from the basic course to help you along on this adventure if you haven’t taken it (and for those who have as well, as a refresher).

Inspiring! Mesmerizing! Captivating! Entertaining! These are a few of the words that thousands of Eric’s students all over the country use to describe his teaching style.  Eric loves life and he loves to teach and share his exuberance for all things Free-Motion.  He is passionate about inspiring students of all ages so they can discover and enjoy a lifetime of creative fun.  Eric learned this technique from Joyce Drexler (co-founder and Creative Director of Sulky – now retired) when he was just 10 years old!

free motion stitching Eric Drexler
One of Eric’s thread-sketched dragons.

Here are a few words from Eric himself:

“As you may or may not know, I was taught how to do Free-Motion Thread Painting when I was very young, like 10 or 11. Like all of us, as I got older I fell away from the fun. I replaced fun with school, work, and, of course, girls (a totally different version of FUN). When I was settling back down and had a child of my own, I picked it back up again. This has really helped my quilting skills, so important when I became a Sulky Educator more than 10 years ago. After all, Thread Painting is just moving the material under the needle, much like quilting.

The taping process is more fun than you could imagine. Of course, I geek out on this stuff. I want to know what the camera people and producer are looking for, and how they are capturing it. I think, without knowing, it has given me better on-camera demos. I feel like part of a big entertainment team! (But no, I will never get used to makeup!)  Below is a shot of the control room.  Hmmm…could those be cookies on that laptop?

I think you will enjoy what I chose in this second course to challenge you a bit more after Beginning Free-Motion Basics. This is just a few more steps beyond, and it gets into how I do my actual Thread Painting, too.”

– Eric

free motion stitching Eric Drexler
This Ash Tree Wallhanging is one of the highlight projects of the course

Interested in signing up for Fearless Free Motion Stitching II: Beyond the Basics?  You can enroll here.

P.S. Here is a quick video of Eric explaining this awesome course:

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