• Bev Hartigan

    Oh, what to say. The jacket is gorgeous, simply brilliant! My imagination cannot even conjure a world where I would get this finished. Congratulations, you are my hero!!!

    • diane gloystein

      Thanks so much, Bev. I am just enormously relieved to have a finished jacket in the closet instead of those dreaded pieces that stared at me for years!

  • Patti Lee

    You are a saint, Diane. I cringe when I look at a project I started years ago, the learning curve is just too much, and besides, I don’t even like the fabric anymore. This is just spectacular and “SEW” you! You continue to dazzle and amaze! I thoroughly enjoyed your “journey”, and you are a better woman than I to have the fortitude and ability to finish it with all the setbacks along the way. But, after all, it is a FABULOUS story and helpful to many.

    • diane gloystein

      Thank you for the kind words, Patti. I’m not sure this says much of anything about me other than perhaps I’m a fool for punishment and too stubborn to give up…even when it’s obvious that I should! There were times when I wished it would magically disappear so I could just forget about it!

      • Diane Gloystein

        Thank you, Lorraine. It brings me joy now, but their were times when the jacket and I weren’t speaking to one another!

  • Janeth Franklin

    Many many times the most beautiful things cost more than we expected, takeobger than we ever thought, and complicated beyond our understanding and comfort zone. The jacket and the story are beautiful just like the designer and embellishing seamstress. Proud of you on so many levels. Love and hugs!

    • Diane Gloystein

      I know you completely comprehend taking on a monumental task and seeing it to completion one day at a time! Thank you, Jan. I miss you like crazy!

    • Diane Gloystein

      Patty, Mostly I feel relief that I can move on to exciting, brand new projects! But, yes, it feels pretty good to stamp “Completed” on this project!

  • Whiskers

    Your story reminds me of a jacket I have hanging downstairs. I started mine for a significant birthday (about 11 yrs ago–one with an “0” in it), and the jacket is finished and I have worn it twice if I remember right. BUT, the embellishment was a work in progress. I love beads, but they do take time.

    Good job on a project finished, and a very UNIQUE one at that. I can’t decide which detail I love the most.

  • Michelle Umlauf

    This is absolutely fabulous Diane. You wear it so well, and it totally fits your flair for fashion. Seeing you wear this jacket one would never suspect it had such a history! Congratulations on your awards!!!

    • Diane gloystein

      Why, thank you “Knotted Threadtales”. Much like your name, I found myself “Tied in Knots” as I made this jacket!

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