• Denim Embroidery

    Denim Embroidery Digs – Tips, Tricks & Takeaways

    Denim Embroidery Tips for Machine Embroidery on Denim Garments Denim embroidery is striking, colorful and just plain fun. Denim is a great canvas for embroidery designs because it’s a stable, heavyweight fabric that can take a lot of stitches without puckering, buckling or show-through. Here’s how to prepare your denim, jeans, jean jackets and more for machine embroidery. DESIGN CHOICE There are loads of great choices for denim embroidery. Choose designs with lots of fill stitches, dense stitching and even appliqué embroidery designs. Steer clear of line-art style designs, unless they’re digitized for heavyweight threads. These designs are easily lost in the heavyweight fabric fibers and you’ll want the embroidery…

  • freestanding lace basics

    Freestanding Lace Basics & How-Tos

    Freestanding Lace What is it? How do I make it? Freestanding lace is made from a machine embroidered design, usually comprised of lace fill stitches and satin stitch outlines that hold the lace together and finish the edges so the finished piece can stand alone. Read on to learn the basics of these designs and how to stitch them with professional results. Note: This post contains affiliate links, which if used to make a purchase may earn us a commission. What is Freestanding Lace Freestanding lace designs are often referred to as “FSL.” These types of designs are always stitched onto water-soluble stabilizer so it’s entirely washed away after the…

  • reverse applique tee

    Reverse Applique Tee with Lotus Template

    Reverse Appliqué Tee Breathe new life into a loved T-shirt (or two)! This boho T-shirt featuring a large-scale lotus flower appliqué. Using Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy™ to stabilize the shirts makes the process super simple. GET THE PATTERN> SUPPLIES (2) coordinating color T-shirts (same style and brand is preferred) Appliqué Lotus Design (part of the free pattern available HERE>) Coordinating or contrasting Sulky 50 wt. Cotton Thread Organ Size 70/10 Jersey Needles Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy™ Stabilizer Clover Wonder Clips Removable fabric chalk T-SHIRT NOTES This project consists of two layered T-shirts. It works best to use the same brand, style and size of T-shirt so they nest into each other for…

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  • Winter Wearables

    Winter Wearables to Sew

     Winter Wearables garments to sew for winter to keep you warm & cozy Winter wearables are often loose-fitting garments that are easily layered for temperatures that fluctuate day to day (and even hour to hour in some places). Stitch up some winter wearables in cozy fabrics, such as sweater knit, sweatshirt fleece and double knit, to add to your wardrobe this season. GO-TO WINTER STYLES A comfy cardigan is a great addition to your winter wardrobe, as it’s easily layered and constructed out of multiple fabric substrates. Choose a knit-friendly pattern, such as the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet. This winter wearable is a great transitional piece for early spring,…

  • Last-Minute Knit Pajamas for Christmas Eve

    Knit Pajamas for Christmas Eve (& Beyond!)

    Knit Pajamas for Christmas Eve & Beyond Gifting new knit pajamas on Christmas Eve is a family tradition of mine. I guess the pajamas haven’t always been made of knit fabric…but those certainly are the preferred fabrics in my family. This year, I started with the Sulky Kids’ Pajama Pant pattern (bonus – it’s FREE! And it comes in multiple sizes from toddler to size 16Y!) and experimented with swapping knit fabric for the woven the pattern directed. The result? Read on to find out! KNIT PAJAMAS SUPPLIES Sulky Kids’ Pajama Pant Pattern Good quality knit fabric with 2-way stretch (amount is determined by pattern size) Sulky 50 wt. Cotton…

  • serger infinity scarf

    Serger Infinity Scarf to Make & Wear Tonight

    Serger Infinity Scarf with a Twist A serger infinity scarf is quite possibly the quickest accessory you can make. This scarf is easily completed in an hour (or less!). Make one for yourself and one for a friend, to gift for Mother’s Day or a special birthday. The instructions below assume you’re using a knit/stretch fabric, but the method is easily adapted for a lightweight woven fabric, such as cotton sateen or voile, too. This easy serger infinity scarf makes a great travel accessory. Wrap it once or twice around your neck, wrap it around your head, use it as a belt, or use it as a bandeau top on…

  • sweet serger scarf

    Serger Scarf with Frilly Edges

    Serger Scarf Create a quick-and-easy serger scarf using lightweight jersey fabric. Choose a decorative thread, such as Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Blendables™, for the rolled hem edges, as the thread is easily the star of this project. Poly Deco™, a 40 wt. thread typically used for machine embroidery, is also a great choice when a colorful sheen is desired. This project is an excerpt from the book Serger 101: a Field Guide, by Katrina Walker. Designs copyright @2020 by Katrina Walker from the book Serger 101 from C&T Publishing, Inc. *We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase the book using the link posted above. LETTUCE LOVER SERGER SCARF…

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  • Serger Headband for All Ages

    Serger Headband with Rainbows of Roses Designed by Katrina Walker A serger headband is easy to create and fun to wear. Create a serger headband for all ages with this quick tutorial – a free project download at! Spring has sprung and everything’s coming up roses! These soft and rosy serger headbands feature frilly accents that are comfy and fun to wear. Once you make one, you’ll want to make a whole rainbow of roses. Decorate with one rose (as shown) or create a whole bouquet. It’s easy to do using the rolled hem and the differential feed on the serger. SUPPLIES Headband pattern Serger ¼ yard jersey knit…

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  • your favorite leggings

    Copy Your Favorite Leggings, Draft a Pattern & Sew!

    Your Favorite Leggings a NEW Videocast from Sulky and Meg Healy of Meg Says Sew! Join us and learn how to copy your favorite leggings, draft the pattern and sew them up using either a sewing machine or serger. We’ll go live on April 19, 2022 at 2pm Eastern Time. Meg Healy will teach you how to sew your favorite leggings using a pair you already own and love to draft a pattern. Meg will take you through the steps of pattern drafting, ensuring the pants fit your body and style. You’ll also learn how to construct the leggings using either a sewing machine or serger. Then, customize your pair to include pockets,…

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    Heart on Your Sleeve Sweatshirt

    Put Your Heart on Your Sleeve (Literally!) with Perfect Appliqué Fusible Web Whip up a Heart on Your Sleeve Sweatshirt in no time. This is a great Valentine’s Day or date-night garment, which is easily dressed up or down depending on your accessories and shoes. HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE SWEATSHIRT SUPPLIES Purchased sweatshirt 5″ x 10″ rectangle of medium- to heavyweight knit fabric Sulky Perfect Appliqué™ Fusible Web 12 wt. Cotton Blendables® Petites™ Thread Sulky KK 2000™ Temporary Spray Adhesive Hand sewing needle HEART TEMPLATE Create a heart template for the sweatshirt using plain old paper or card stock. Fold a 5″ square in half and draw half of a…

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