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finished daypack bag on counter

Create a waxed canvas daypack with a zippered front pocket that’s water-resistant and durable. This bag is great for a day on the boat, at the beach or taking a hike. Waxed canvas has a few challenges to overcome when sewing, but nothing that isn’t fixed with the right thread, needles and notions. Plus, it’s easily embellished with machine embroidery, adding fun personalization and a pop of color to the project.


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Waxed canvas shows every wrinkle, crease and fold. This is the appeal of waxed canvas, so don’t worry about it! The distressed look is what gives this fabric its charm. It also has a semi-translucent property, so the lining fabric is slightly seen underneath. To add to the design, choose a fun print that accentuates the embroidery embellishment.

crinkle waxed canvas for a rustic look

Resist the urge to iron it, as the wax could transfer to the iron. If you MUST iron, use a press cloth and a low iron temperature. It’s recommended to finger-press everything and/or use a seam roller to press seams and edges.

seam roller on daypack fabric

Pin holes and needle holes along ripped seams will show on the waxed canvas, so use Wonder Clips or binder clips to secure seams for sewing. If a pin or needle hole is unavoidable, scratch it a bit with your fingernail. This will “mark” the fabric and conceal the hole slightly.

Do not machine wash waxed canvas. Only spot-clean if necessary.


Laminated cotton and oilcloth have water-resistant properties that make the fabrics easy to clean and maintain. However, both fabrics cannot withstand the heat of an iron, so always finger-press or use a seam roller during construction.


The waxed canvas Explore More Daypack pattern featured a dual-sided zippered front pocket, with machine embroidery along the pocket upper-edge piece. The Explore More Machine Embroidery Design fits perfectly along that piece! Alternatively, place the embroidery embellishment on the lower pocket piece, and use a larger design. Also, the pocket is fully lined and offers more storage for damp or dirty items, such as a dog leash, swimwear and more.

inside of daypack

Plus, fleece interlining provides structure and support for the bag and hardware.

Also, the daypack bag itself it also fully lined with either laminated cotton or oilcloth, making it easy to clean. Instead of laundering, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. The large interior fits library books, a beach towel, water bottle and more! The upper edge closes with a strong magnetic bar that helps protect the contents.

daypack full of items

The featured daypack showcases cork fabric as the rectangular base. However, the pattern directs you to use waxed canvas for the base. Either fabric works, so choose your own adventure. The cork fabric was used to provide extra durability and a contrasting color, tying in the strap and handle color into the bag design.

cork base on waxed canvas daypack

The finished waxed canvas daypack size is 14⅞” high x 12¼” wide x 5” deep. The backpack straps are fully adjustable with the help of side buckles and the handles provide a secondary carrying option.

back of daypack

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