• waxed canvas daypack

    Explore More Daypack with Waxed Canvas & Machine Embroidery

    Explore More Daypack Create a waxed canvas daypack with a zippered front pocket that’s water-resistant and durable. This bag is great for a day on the boat, at the beach or taking a hike. Waxed canvas has a few challenges to overcome when sewing, but nothing that isn’t fixed with the right thread, needles and notions. Plus, it’s easily embellished with machine embroidery, adding fun personalization and a pop of color to the project. DAYPACK SUPPLIES Sulky Explore More Daypack Pattern 60”-wide waxed canvas (outer fabric; amount according to pattern guidesheet) 54”-wide laminated cotton or oilcloth (lining; amount according to pattern guidesheet) 44”-wide sew-in fleece interlining (amount according to pattern…

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  • oilcloth sunscreen roll-up

    Oilcloth Sunscreen Roll-up Tutorial

    Oilcloth Sunscreen Roll-Up Get organized with this oilcloth sunscreen roll-up that stores sunscreen tubes, chapsticks and sanitizers safely and decoratively! As we splash into summer, it’s important to consider where and when we’ll be using the projects we create to make sure they aren’t damaged by water, sand and sun. Fabric choice is important: oilcloth, laminated cotton and other coated textiles are often good choices for water-resistance as well as durability. Sunscreen Roll-up This makeup brush tutorial was used to create the sunscreen roll-up, but with a few modifications. Instead of adding a vinyl layer to the cotton fabric right side, oilcloth fabric was used. Oilcloth is a stiffer fabric…

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