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Let’s Get Organized and Sew Much More – Sulky Webinar Q & A

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Our webinar on Tuesday night was fantastic! If you were unable to join us, check out the recording here. We had some great questions come up in the webinar and as promised, here are the questions and the answers. Do you have more questions? Put them in the comments and I will answer them!

Questions and Answers From the Webinar

 Stabilizer Organizer:

 How do you bind the ends?

The ends of the pockets are not bound as they are sewn to the background in a way that they are not seen when looking at the organizer.  The instructions for the project contain step-by-step instructions and pictures.  The instructions were made available free of charge only to those who registered for the webinar. You can purchase the instructions and the 7 Spoolie designs here.


How do you keep the ruler from slipping when you cut?

There are a variety of special notions available to help prevent your rulers from shifting (little rubber “feet”, little sandpaper stick-ons, etc.).  Michelle says that she prefers to use a lower cutting table.  She also said that she takes a deep breath and relaxes before she cuts.  She holds the ruler firmly, but not too tight.

Rayon Thread:

Will Rayon thread fade from sunlight?

We recommend Sulky 40 wt. Poly Deco thread for any project that is going to be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Is Sulky Rayon thread colorfast?  Are other brands of rayon thread colorfast too?

We can’t speak for other brands.  We have no knowledge of their dying and finishing processes. Yes, Sulky Rayon Thread is colorfast, but it is not bleach-able.

How many years does rayon thread hold up on the spool in storage?

We have found that our quality Sulky Rayon Threads do not have a shelf life if stored properly.  I have spools that are over 20 years old and still perform beautifully.

KK 2000:

Is the KK 2000 okay to use for people who have breathing problems (like Asthma or COPD)?

Absolutely! KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive is eco-friendly and virtually odorless.  Since it is heavier than air, it does not float around in the air like other temporary spray adhesives.  In fact, my mom has asthma and she uses KK 2000 without any attacks.  However, that does not mean that any particular individual might not have an allergy to KK 2000.  We have never heard of that, but it’s always possible.


Do the prewound bobbins fit all machines?

Sulky offers A and L Style bobbins that are compatible with most machines.  You can refer to your owner’s manual or contact your sewing machine dealer to find what style bobbin is compatible with your machine.  You can also follow this link to see the compatibility chart for the prewound bobbins on our website.

Are the empty bobbin spools recyclable?

Our empty spools are, but I’m not sure about the bobbins.  I’ve not been asked that before.  I’ll check into this and post it on our Q & A section on our website once I know.


Will my needle gum up?

The simple answer is no.  It’s highly unlikely that any of our products will create any kind of noticeable gumming.  However, once you start combining heat (from the machine and machine lights) sizing in fabrics, other stabilizers, lint from different brands and types of top threads and bobbin threads, and the big issue is fusible webs, there is always a possibility.  It’s pretty easy to control though.  Just use an alcohol pad to wipe the needle occasionally.  A thread lubricant like “Sewer’s Aid” applied to the length of the needle can help a lot, too.

Can I rinse off a wash away stabilizer in my sink?

Sulky Solvy Stabilizers remove quick and easy with water.  Depending on the technique you are doing will determine the best method of removal.  Some Solvy stabilizers can simply be torn away while others need to be submerged in water.  We recommend that you remove all excess stabilizer before submerging your project in water.  Use and removal instructions for each Solvy stabilizer is included on the packaging and available on our website,  Sulky Solvy products will not hurt your pipes or your septic system (if applicable).  You do want to flush them with lots of water, though.


What does the green color on the stabilizer package mean?

All of our stabilizers are packaged in color-coded labels.  All of the Sulky Tear Away Stabilizers have green labels (Think Green for Go-Away).  Sulky Cut Away Stabilizers have purple packages (think P for Purple and Permanent), Wash Away Stabilizer is blue (think blue for water), and the Heat Away Stabilizer is packaged in Red (think red for hot).


Is the recording downloadable?

The recording is not downloadable but is available on both and the Sulky YouTube channel.

Am I supposed to trim the threads on the back of my embroidery?

Trimming the jump stitches on the back of your embroidery design is not necessary.  However, Sue Hausmann and many other embroiderers recommend that you turn your jump stitch feature off when you embroider.  She talks a lot about this and other potential problems in the Embroidery Zen Online Programs which will begin in September.

Where can we get the embroidered flag pattern?

The pattern for the hand cross-stitch flag pattern that was shown during the webinar was sent in to us by Rachel N.  The pattern is by ByGone Stitches.  It does not appear that they have a website, but if you Google their name you may be able to find a resource for the pattern.

Was the supply list available prior to the class startup?

The supply list, instructions and other webinar materials are available to those who registered for the webinar free of charge. If you did not register for the webinar, you can still watch the recording and download a PDF of the webinar here. The link to purchase the Stabilizer Organizer Pattern is here.

Are the Loralie designs available through this webinar or through Sulky?

No.  Loralie Designs carry the full line of their products at, if they are not available at your independent retailer.

Will this chart showing the different thread weight be included in the handouts?

Yes. The chart will be in the PDF that is available for you to download here.

Where am I able to order iron-on knit stabilizer?

I believe you are referring to Sulky Tender Touch™ Stabilizer, a lightweight, permanent cut-away stabilizer.  It is available to purchase on our website.

What are the numbers for on the ruling we are seeing?

The numbers in the circles are the inches.  In the picture, you saw the number 1 and just above it was the number 5.  The ruler allows you measure in both directions.

Can we have some of Sue’s tips like on the decorative stitches lengthening in the pdf of questions.

Since Sue Hausmann agreed to join us on such short notice, and the webinar was recorded live, there is no information in the PDF with her tips; however, You can re-watch the recorded webinar here.


 Do you press the embroidery design before you tear away the stabilizer?

Yes, Michelle likes to press the embroidery design from the wrong side once it has finished stitching out.  Note this is only true with tear-away stabilizers, though.  You would not want to press water soluble or Heat-Away stabilizers (at least not until you’re ready). Remember, when removing two layers of a tear-away stabilizer, it is best to remove each layer one at a time and in opposite directions.

What do you use to clean hoops to remove the build-up of KK 2000?

KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive is not water soluble and will not wash away with water.  We recommend that you use denatured alcohol.  Michelle said she cleans her hoops with Lectric Shave men’s aftershave.  She applies the aftershave to a cotton ball and wipes her hoops to remove the residue.  Denatured alcohol is gentler, but you should always test it on small spot when using it on anything but hoops, because it could remove printing or other things depending on their ink composition.  And just as an aside…heat also removes KK 2000 on your fabric projects immediately, too.  So if you’re in a hurry and want the tackiness to go away, that will do it.

What is the secret to embroidering with metallic thread?

Kelly Nagel, our Social Media Manager has prepared a blog with a lot of helpful information about Sulky Metallic Threads.  You can visit the Express Yourself with Sulky here.  You can access past blogs by clicking on the Blog Archive tab.  Kelly frequently posts to the blog, so do a keyword search to see all of the posts related to Sulky Metallic Thread.

How long do the Spoolie designs take to embroider?

Each machine stitches at a different speed, so individual results will vary, and of course it also depends on the number of color changes in the particular Spoolie designs, but each Spoolie embroidery designs generally took 30 minutes or so to embroider.

When embroidering a design that uses thread other than Sulky how can we find a match for a color that is not on the Sulky web page

We have a lot of information such as this in the Resource section of the Sulky website.  You can find a color conversion chart here.  And if you know what your originating color is, it’s really easy to choose a matching Sulky color from our Real Thread Chart.

Sue Hausmann:

What embroidery machine does Sue use?

She has numerous embroidery machines.  The ones I know of are the Viking Diamond, the Pfaff Creative Vision, and the top-of-the-line Baby Lock.  Don’t hold me to those exact models, since there are different versions of some of those.  And she may have more than that, but those are the 3 that we used at the Embroidery Zen Online taping.

Sulky Embroidery Club:

 Is there a fee for joining the embroidery club?

The Sulky Embroidery Club has a free “a la carte” Club Membership where you can purchase designs a la carte at the regular retail price.

What is the difference between the 40 wt. and bobbin thread?

Bobbin thread is usually 60 wt., which is the lightest weight in the Sulky collection. I like the lighter weight in the bobbin so it doesn’t add bulk to the underside of the embroidery.


What is the Zen program?

One of the most popular Sulky live events is now available online! If you would love to gain the knowledge and confidence to embroider just about anything, then this Sulky Embroidery Zen course is the best possible way to accomplish that goal. In this class you will gain the knowledge of how to obtain the very best results and make embroidering on your machine easy and professional looking.

Sue Hausmann, world-renowned embroidery and sewing machine expert, and Ellen Osten, Director of Education for Sulky, will lead you on your Zen journey. This powerhouse team will teach you more about successful machine embroidery than you ever imagined you could learn.

You will learn: How to evaluate a project, master stitching techniques, understand the differences between 12 wt. – 60 wt. thread, color blending, tee-shirt and towel embroidery, adding dimension using puffy foam, free standing lace, and create special effects with specialty threads.

We have an Embroidery Zen I and Embroidery Zen II.  The online Zen classes begin on September 8, 2015.  You can find more information about Zen by clicking here.  We provided webinar registrants with a limited-time discount code that is listed below.

What are the discount codes for the Embroidery Zen program?

The limited-time discount codes provided to webinar registrants for the Embroidery Zen online class are:

Save $75 on Embroidery Zen I or II with this code:  SOS775

Save $150 on Embroidery Zen Combo with this code:  SOS7150

Is this the same Embroidery Zen that done around the country in 2013?

Yes.  Both Embroidery Zen I and II will be available online, and will still be offered in some stores.

Will there be an Embroidery Zen III?

We hope so.  It is definitely on our planning board.


Please tell me again which stabilizer to use for raw edge applique?

During the webinar, we used applied Sulky Soft ’n Sheer Extra Stabilizer to the back of the Loralie Designs mini panel to prevent the darker fabric from showing through the lighter fabric.  But other stabilizers can also be used.  Much depends on whether you’re using a fusible web on the back of the applique.  That secures the edges really well and fraying is minimized.  If the applique is just going to be tacked down with pinked edges like Michelle’s lady was, then you probably want a iron-on stabilizer even without the show-through issue.

Technical Problems:

If you experience any type of technical difficulties during the webinar, please call Citrix technical support at 855-352-9002.  Their team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you get into the webinar.  These technical issues are beyond our control and we do not have the expertise to help troubleshoot technical difficulties during the webinar.  Some problems can be resolved by changing a setting in your computer and Citrix can quickly help you make those changes so that you can enjoy the webinars.

Will the AOL people be getting a separate email on Friday?

Yes.  We learned that there is a compatibility problem between GoToWebinar and some email service providers such as AOL and Netscape.  Until this issue is resolved, we will continue to email those individuals from the Sulky domain.  If you experience problems with opening a message related to a future webinar, please call Citrix at 855-352-9002.

I had problems accessing the webinar last night using my AOL web browser.

GoToWebinar and AOL are aware of this problem.  Some AOL users notified us that they were able to join the webinar by using a different web browser.   If you ever have technical problems such as this, Citrix technical support team can you.  Their phone number is 855-352-9002.

Due to some technical issues, we may have missed some questions.  If you asked a question and it was not answered, please send an email to or

Happy Sewing!

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