Sew an Octopus Costume from Socks!
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Octopus Costume for All Ages Using Socks

Octopus Costume

Create a unique octopus costume using eight tube socks and a button jar. This octopus costume wrks for trick-or-treaters of all ages and any gender!


octopus costume supplies

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To create the octopus costume, first begin with the eight tentacles. For the featured tutorial, a serger was used. However, a standard sewing machine is also suitable; just set it for a stretch stitch when stitching the tentacle shape.

Turn one sock wrong side out. Serge together the heel portion of the sock to “close” it and make the sock a more uniform tube shape.

serge tentacle toes

Mark a rounded triangle point along the sock toe. Then, serge the along the lines to create the tentacle shape.

mark point on toe of sock for octopus tentacle

serge point in sock

Turn the sock right side out. Stuff the tentacle with fiberfill until plump. If desired, fold the sock upper edge and secure shut with Wonder Clips.

stuff tentacle with fiberfill

Thread a hand sewing needle with two strands of Sulky 50 wt. Cotton Thread. Sew approximately 15-20 buttons onto one of the flattest sides of the sock (where the heel was closed). HINT: The larger the buttons, the less you need to sew to the socks! Cover the stitching lines and any sock imperfections with a button as you go. Keep the buttons along one sock side to act as the octopus suckers.

button suckers for octopus

Repeat to create seven additional tentacles.


Serge the sock upper edges to encase the fiberfill stuffing and prevent it from coming out of the sock. The finished serged edge also makes it easier to sew the sock to the costume. If not using a serger, set the machine for a wide satin stitch to finish this edge.

Place each tentacle along the chosen skirt or pants elastic-casing upper edge to audition the placements. Once satisfied, pin or clip the tentacles in place.

Hand stitch each tentacle to the elastic casing lower edge, making sure that the octopus suckers face the skirt/pants fabric. (Alternatively, use a heavyweight sweatshirt for the top of the costume and pin or clip the tentacles to the wrong side of the sweatshirt lower edge.)

tentacles in place

Either hand sew or machine stitch the tentacles in place.

octopus costume on model

Wear the costume on Halloween night!

finished octopus costume with tentacles from socks

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