Trick or Treat Bag that Glows
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Trick or Treat Bag to Sew

Trick or Treat Bag with Glowy Ghost

trick or treat bag hanging on hook

Learn how to sew a trick or treat bag that featured Sulky Glowy and CRY reflective thread for fun effects.

Finished size: 10 ½”W x 13 ½”H



On the paper side of the Sulky Perfect Appliqué Fusible Web, draw a ghost shape that roughly fits within a 6” square. Draw eyes and a mouth as desired inside the ghost shape.

drawing ghost onto fusible web paper

Cut out the eyes and mouth, keeping the shapes intact.

ghost applique cutting out of fusible web

Fuse the fusible web ghost to the white Felty, with the paper side facing up.

fusible web ghost on felty

fusing perfect applique to felty

paper backing of perfect applique with ghost eyes and mouth visibleFuse the fusible web eyes and mouth to the black Felty, with the paper side facing up. Cut out the Felty eyes and mouth, following the fusible web outlines.

fusing ghost mouth and eyes onto black felty

Remove the paper backing on the black Felty eyes and mouth. Place each appliqué on the white Felty ghost right side, using the fusible web cutouts as a placement guide (you should be able to see through the Felty slightly to place the eyes and mouth along the cutouts; or use a lightbox). Fuse the eyes and mouth in place.

Cut out the ghost along the outer outline.

finished ghost applique

Remove the paper backing on the white Felty ghost. Center the appliqué on one outer fabric rectangle (this is now the bag front).

Install a size 90/14 Universal Needle. Thread the needle with Glowy Thread and wind a bobbin with 40 wt. Poly Deco Thread.

Stitch the ghost appliqué just inside the outer edge. If desired, stitch a triple straight stitch for greater coverage and a more prominent glowy appearance.

Thread the needle with Sulky CRY Thread. Stitch just inside the ghost eye and mouth appliqués.


Fold the handle rectangle in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing; press. Unfold, and then fold each long raw edge toward the center foldline; press. Fold the handle along the first foldline; press. If needed, place a few pins along the handle length.

Topstitch each handle long edge using CRY Thread. Then, set aside.

stitching on handle with CRY Thread

Center each batting rectangle on each lining rectangle wrong side. Baste the perimeter, then set aside.

Thread the needle with Poly Deco Thread that matches the bobbin.

Place the outer bag front over the outer bag back with right sides together. Stitch the sides and lower edge using a ⅜” seam allowance.

trick or treat bag front and back right sides together

Align one side seam with the adjacent lower-edge seam to form a lower-edge corner point. Measure 1” from the point and draw a line across the corner. Stitch along the line.

Then, trim 1/4″ to 1/2″ from the stitching.

trimming seam allowance for bag base

Repeat to box the opposite corner. Then, turn the outer bag right side out.

Repeat to stitch the lining bag, using a ½” seam allowance and leaving a centered 5”-long opening along the lining bag lower edge.

Measure and mark the upper-edge center on the outer bag front and back.

Place one handle end at each mark, making sure the handle isn’t twisted. Pin the handle ends in place.

pinning handle to bag upper edge

Insert the outer bag into the lining bag so the right sides are facing. Pin the upper edges together.

Stitch the bag upper edge, attaching the handle ends with the stitching. Remember to remove the pins as you sew.

stitching bag upper edge

bag upper edge finished stitching


Turn the bag right side out through the lining opening.


Slipstitch or topstitch the lining opening shut.

Then, push the lining bag into the outer bag, aligning the side seams and lower-edge seams.

pushing bag lining into outer tote

Roll the bag upper edge slightly between your fingers, favoring the edge. Press the upper edge so it’s nice and flat.

rolling seam allowance of upper edge between fingers

Topstitch ½” from the upper edge.


Take the bag out trick-or-treating! The Glowy Thread on the ghost will glow in the dark, while the CRY thread on the handle and ghost eyes and mouth will reflect light from oncoming traffic and passersby carrying flashlights.

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