Quilted Heart Project
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Quilted Heart Project that Spreads Kindness

Quilted Heart Project

sewn quilted hearts

The Quilted Heart Project began in 2014 and has grown exponentially over the years. As explained in the “I Found a Quilted Heart” blog, it all started because two sisters found a quilty heart while hiking in Nevada. The heart had a note on it that read, “I need a home.” The sisters were so taken by the heart that they began making quilted hearts to disperse on their travels and at home. The intent was to leave them for random strangers and spread joy.

As we approach the month of February, which is America Heart Month and when all things “love” and “heart” fill our feeds, we encourage you to participate in this fun cause. Stitch a small heart using THIS TUTORIAL or THIS TUTORIAL or one of your choice, and leave it for someone to find.

Our Folk Hearts free pattern is just perfect for this project! Instead of making three and stringing them together, make the hearts individually with or without a hanging loop.

Trio of Heart Ornaments Pattern Cover


After making your sewn heart, with or without quilting, print and attach this tag. The tag is provided free, for personal printing from the I Found a Quilted Heart blog.

If you cannot print the tag, please hand write only the following information:
I Need A Home
I Found A Quilted Heart
*Do not add any other words to the tags or to the hearts. Embellishments should not have text. Tags should be plain text, without images.

Now, place the tagged heart in a public place for a random stranger to find.


  • Do not hand, give or gift hearts to people. (Hearts need to be “found.”)
  • Do not leave hearts on personal or private property, such as a front porch, vehicle, door, bicycle, mailbox, gate, little libraries, etc. (Not public)
  • Do not leave hearts in a cluster, like a giving tree. (Not random)
  • Do not leave hearts in places that are not public: hotel rooms, work desk, break rooms, office, private retreat, etc. (Not public)
  • Do not leave hearts inside any kind of retail store or on retail displays. (Can be mistaken for merchandise.)
  • Do not leave hearts in airports. (Homeland security does not approve!)
  • Do not leave hearts in National Parks, Wilderness, Forests, Monuments, Bureau of Land Managements, or other Federal Public Lands areas. (Federal Regulation Title 36, 2.22 (a))
  • Do not leave hearts in bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, etc. (Unsanitary)
  • Do not leave in places where they may be thrown away by staff. (Super Sad)


In addition to pieced and Felty hearts, machine embroidered hearts are also fun to make and receive. This is a perfect way to use test stitchouts that may not be perfectly straight on the fabric, or stitchouts that were done on a test fabric prior to making a finished project.

Try using our Conver”sew”tion heart Machine Embroidery Collection and make a set of hearts for strangers to find. Add a pocket to the back of the heart and place a small chocolate or sticker.

Heart Bookmark Embroideries

Have fun making hearts of all shapes and sizes, using your fabric stash and a few fun embellishments. It’s a great way to spread the kindness and love using your sewing talents!

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  • Bev

    Such a nice idea. Especially now, with so much hate being thrown around.We can all use a little kindness.i am getting my Sat.Sewcial involved.thanks♡!