10 Sewing Supplies You Need
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10 Sewing Supplies You Need in the New Year

Top 10 Sewing Supplies

to restock your sewing space for the new year

It’s the start of a NEW YEAR, and that means we need to get organized and be ready to learn something new at our sewing machines in the months ahead! These 10 sewing supplies will help us do just that. By stocking up on the basics, and a few must-haves, we will be ready to tackle our WIPPs (work-in-progress-projects) and clear out some space for the new things we want to create.
You may have a specific “sewing resolution” or two to tackle this year. Or perhaps you simply want to start fresh and learn a few new things. Either way, let’s start the year off right with a restock and refresh in the room we love the most – our creative space. It’s also a good idea to start off the year with a cleaned and serviced sewing machine. This way, our BFF is ready for us, whenever inspiration strikes.
Here are 10 sewing supplies that will have you ready for just about anything you want to sew as your first make of the new year.

Sewing Supply #1

A new rotary cutter might be in order for the coming year. If you are able to swap the blade to make sure the rotary cutter is ready for the projects you want to tackle in the new year, grab a pack of blade replacements. (If you can’t remember the last time you swapped the blade or have never done it, it’s time!). Or purchase a new rotary cutter, perhaps in a fun color that brings you joy!
rotary cutter sewing supply

Sewing Supply #2

rotary cutter is a must-have for your sewing room. It also makes a great gift for anyone who uses an iron, sewist or not! This cleaner is simple to use and very effective. Simply squeeze a bit onto an old towel and iron over it using a medium heat. The cleaner distributes over the sole plate, leaving a sparkling result. You’ll be ready for any project once your iron is cleaned of fusibles, dirt and dust!
faultless iron cleaner supply

Sewing Supply #3

Magnetic Hoops are a machine embroiderer’s best friend. These hoops snap together with the help of strong magnets, so what was once “unhoopable” is now easily secured between the inner and outer hoop! Plus, there is no shifting or puckering of the fabric between the hoop rings, resulting in flawless embroideries. Up your embroidery game by adding a few sizes to your sewing space – you’ll be glad you did. (These hoops are also available for multi-needle machines.)
magnetic hoops sewing supply

Sewing Supply #4

Is it time to restock your KK 2000? This Temporary Spray Adhesive lasts a long time. But you never want to be in the middle of a larger quilt project only to find you have run out! Grab a can to make sure you have what you need, whenever you need it.

spray stabilizer with KK 2000

Sewing Supply #5

An Organ Needles Assortment will ensure you have the right needle for any project you want to tackle first in the new year. With a Universal, Embroidery, Microtex and Quilting assortment pack, you’ll be ready for any Sulky Thread you want to stitch!
Organ Needles Assortment Sewing Supplies

Sewing Supply #6

A Stabilizer Assortment is always a good idea, especially if you embroider different fabrics using different threads. Grab our Essentials Bundle to have the most popular stabilizer types on hand in the new year. Or choose a bundle based on the embroidery you do most. Either way, you’ll save some money purchasing an assortment rather than individual rolls!
Stabilizer Essentials Sewing Supplies

Sewing Supply #7

Grab the Essentials Bundle to have all the great neutrals in your supply stash. Ranging from whites to creams to tans, browns and black, these 12 colors are the ones you’ll use most for piecing, quilting and even construction projects.
Neutrals thread assortment supplies

Sewing Supply #8

A Poly Deco Thread Assortment is a necessity, especially if you embroidery garments, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, baby and toddler items. This thread is colorfast, shiny and strong. Grab an assortment of King-size spools in our most popular colors and have the thread you need for a number of projects.
Poly Deco Thread Assortment

Sewing Supply #9

While we’re talking thread assortments, pick up a Slimline to restock and store your Rayon snap spools, keeping them organized and free of lint, dust and debris. This Rayon Thread Assortment includes 51 colors, with room to store the spools you have leftover from other projects, too.
Rayon Thread Assortment

Sewing Supply #10

The sewing supply you MUST stock up on for the new year is BOBBIN THREAD! To ensure you don’t run out right in the middle of a stitchout, grab a King spool in white and black. This way you can match the thread as close as possible to the fabric shade you’re emboridering.
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