Ice Cream Zipper Pouch
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Ice Cream Zipper Pouch Free Pattern

Ice Cream Zipper Pouch for Summer Fun

Ice Cream Zipper Pouch cover front

An Ice Cream Zipper Pouch is a fun way to have an ice cream sundae any day of the week without any of the calories! Grab this free pattern, designed by Melanie Call, and stitch your way to happiness! The zipper pouch makes a great gift for anyone celebrating a summer birthday. It’s also great for toting makeup, markers, or odds and ends while traveling.



The Ice Cream Sundae Zipper Pouch, designed by Melanie Call, has a finished size of 9″ W x 7″ H. Note that if you want a larger (or smaller) zipper pouch, you’ll need a larger (or smaller) zipper, too.

Be sure to print the template pages for the ice cream and chocolate syrup at 100% (not “Fit to Page” setting).

The featured fabrics are absolutely PERFECT for an ice cream sundae. Look for blender fabrics, meaning there is no direction to the print and any motifs are indiscernible. For the cone fabric, any minimal print in a golden hue will work, as you’ll add the crosshatch quilting lines to give it the personality it needs to become the cone!

cone fabric on ice cream zipper pouch

For the pink strawberry fabric, feel free to swap this color for the ice cream flavor of your choice!

The brown Felty is the perfect choice for the chocolate syrup. The lofty of the Felty helps it “pop” off the surface, giving the chocolate some texture and dimension. If you prefer caramel syrup, choose a light tan Felty instead! Make sure to use Sulky Felty so the fusible web can be applied and the pouch retains its softness. Substituting a stiff craft felt is NOT recommended.

opening of zipper pouch


The featured zipper is 14″-long. Make sure to choose a nylon-coil zipper, rather than a metal zipper, to reduce bulk and ensure you can sew over it without breaking a needle. When sewing over the zipper teeth, go slowly and carefully to stay safe.

Choose a zipper color that matches the Felty chocolate syrup. If you swap the syrup color (to light Tan for caramel or light pink for strawberry), be sure to swap the zipper color, too!

zipper color for pouch

Enjoy making your Ice Cream Zipper Pouch and gifting it to all your friends, neighbors and little ones!

finished ice cream zipper pouch


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