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Reindeer Stuffy to Embroider & Give

reindeer stuffy with embroidery

Reindeer Stuffy – How to Embroider an Embroider Buddy

A reindeer stuffy is a great gift idea for Santa to leave inside a stocking this year. The reindeer stuffy is an Embroider Buddy, meaning he is specifically meant for machine embroidery embellishment. The stuffing is enclosed in small “pillows” for easy removal, allowing you to access the tummy and place it flat on the hooped stabilizer.


All Embroider Buddies are basically the same as far as how to remove the stuffing. Unzip the animal along the lower edge and remove the stuffing “pillows.” The reindeer stuffy has two removable “pillows” and one that stays put (in the the nose).

Load the chosen design into the machine. The featured “Just Believe” design is from Sulky’s Santa Sayings Machine Embroidery Collection, available individually or as part of the collection or as part of the Santa Sayings Machine Embroidery Thread Palette.

Hoop one layer of Sulky Sticky+ with the paper side facing up. Use the Sticky+ Slitting Pen to score the paper inside the inner hoop ring. Then, lift up the paper to reveal the adhesive.

sticky+ stabilizer

Mark the center cross marks on the Reindeer stuffy’s tummy (or wherever you want the design). Make sure to use a removable fabric marker that is easily removed from the plush fabric.

Move the excess fabric beyond the reindeer tummy so it’s away from the stitching area, and then place the tummy right side up over the sticky stabilizer. Gently pat the fabric to stick it in place. “Brush” the fabric pile in a downward direction to ensure it all faces the same way.

Place the hoop onto the machine.


The reindeer stuffy, and most of the Embroider Buddy line, are made of a plush fabric. It’s important to use a topper to ensure the thread sits atop the fabric surface, rather than sinking into it.

Place a piece of Sulky Solvy over the fabric right side once the hoop is on the machine. Perform a baste-in-the-hoop function, and baste beyond the design perimeter (not hoop perimeter). This further secures the fabric in the hoop while also securing the Solvy topper.

Solvy topper in place on fabric

Double-check that none of the basting stitching went through multiple layers. If needed, remove the stitching and readjust the reindeer stuffy so the excess fabric is out of the way of the perimeter stitching.


Begin the embroidery. Clip jump threads with each thread change. Make sure to stay with the project during the stitchout in case the needle approaches an area of dense fabric along the perimeter. In that case, stop the machine, readjust the fabric, and then continue the stitchout.

clipping jump threads

A pair of Curved Tip Squeezers make quick and efficient work of clipping jump threads without the danger of piercing through the fabric.

Once the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine. Then, clip the basting stitches to remove.

clipping basting stitches

Tear away the Solvy topper (as much as possible).

tear away the topper from the reindeer stuffy

To remove any excess topper, apply a wet cotton swab or Q-tip along the stitching to release it.

Then, remove the reindeer stuffy from the stabilizer, gently tearing it away.

remove reindeer from stabilizer

Remove as much of the stabilizer as possible from the reindeer wrong side.

remove excess stabilizer


Turn the reindeer right side out, if needed.

Insert the stuffing “pillows” back into the Embroider Buddy.

insert stuffing back into reindeer

Admire your handiwork!

finished reindeer

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