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Sulky KK 2000 – The Only Earth Friendly Temporary Spray Adhesive

Perfect design for this bag!

Happy Earth Day!

Sewists and quilters are ecologists by nature. As a general rule, we can’t help but save every scrap of fabric, every piece of clothing that we may be able to make into something else, every wool sweater with a hole because one day we will felt it and make one of those cool bags.

At Sulky, we take being a friend to the earth very seriously. Yesterday, I talked to you about our Sulky Rayon and the ENKA Certification process. Today, I want to tell you about Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive.


You know how most things that come in a can like this one smell horrible? Well, you are smelling the butane which is horrible for our world. Sulky decided a long time ago that destroying our earth just to spray some temporary glue was not okay, so the propellant in KK 2000 is ozone friendly (No CFC’s or HCFC’s), odorless, non-flammable AND non-toxic. To top it off, it also takes up less room so we can put more usable product in a smaller can (which is also better for the environment).

eblankie 7

I use KK 2000 for lots of things: When I need to add some extra stick to a bulky item I want to machine embroider,

Spray KK 2000 on the back

When I am holding several layers of a small project together,


For applique,

stocking 1

To stick the paper down for paper piecing,

I don’t use KK 2000 on this sandwich, that would be yucky.

And to baste the layers of a quilt sandwich together.

How do you use KK 2000? Let me know in the comments.

kk 2000 sale

In honor of Earth Day, KK 2000 is on sale! You really should buy some because this stuff never goes on sale!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Sewing!

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