• kids pajama pants

    Kids Pajama Pants Pattern & How to Use a Digital Pattern

    Kids Pajama Pant Pattern (it’s free!) & How to Use a Digital Pattern Grab our FREE Kids Pajama Pants Pattern and make a pair of fun jammies for a little one for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or special occasion. Embellish the pajama pants with machine embroidery for a special touch, along the cuffs or pocket. PATTERN PARTICULARS The first thing to note is that this Kids Pajama Pant Pattern is digital. That means there’s no tissue to unfold and cut out. You will need to print the pattern, tile the pages, tape them together, and then cut out along the size lines you need. The beauty of this method is…

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  • Trimmed Tea Towels with Valentine Embroidery

    Trimmed Tea Towel with Valentine Embroidery

    Create a Trimmed Tea Towel for Valentine’s Day Decor This trimmed tea towel is adorned with cute Valentine’s Day themed fabrics, ribbon or trim, and embroidered with one of seven designs from the Sulky Scrolling Hearts design collection. The “I Heart You” thread palette includes the entire Scrolling Hearts design collection, along with 10 spools of Sulky rayon and metallic threads. Create several coordinating tea towels, using different designs for each, to display in your home for Valentine’s Day. SUPPLIES Sulky I Heart You thread palette Cotton + Steel thread by Sulky (to match towel and/or fabrics) Sulky Tear-Easy™ stabilizer Size 90/14 Organ embroidery needle & 70/10 Universal needle Sulky…