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Jason Prater, President of Sulky, is the host of Why I Sew. He loves to hear about people’s journeys and what sparked their interest in sewing, what keeps them going and how they keep things fresh and innovative. As an industry veteran of 25+ years, it seems like he’s heard it all. But there’s always a new story, a new reason, a new event that sparks a new interest in sewing, and he’s happy to share those stories with you. Jason brings extensive industry knowledge and his enthusiastic personality to the podcast. His infectious energy will have you reflecting on your sewing story, and you’ll want to run to the sewing machine to start making something new.

Jason Prater Host of Why I Sew

During the episodes, Jason talks to sewists from all walks of life. You’ll hear their stories and learn what motivates them to create using needle and thread. From industry veterans to rising stars, pattern makers, designers, machine embroiderers, quilters, cross-stitchers and more, each person brings something unique to the discussion.

Listen while you sew, on your commute or during your travels and get inspired by the stories that’ll take you on new sewing journeys. We’ll upload a new episode every other week! Subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode and get notified when a new episode drops. Listen on the podcast platform of your choice or at sewingonline.sulky.com.


This season, we’ll hear from many designers, patternmakers, crafty folks and sewing legends, such as Martha Pullen from Martha’s Sewing Room and Sue Hausmann from America Sews. Here’s a taste of what they have to say. Listen to their entire episodes by following the links below or searching on your favorite podcast app.

Why I Sew with Suzy Williams“It’s not about WHAT I made. It’s about the MAKING.” ~Suzy Williams, Suzy Quilts

Why I Sew - Mark Montano“Sewing is where it all started for me…I think there is something therapeutic about sitting at a sewing machine…For anyone who likes to sew, it can be meditative and it gives you a nice sense of accomplishment. It’s a blast!” ~Mark Montano, Meet Your Maker’s Showdown on Discovery+

Why I Sew with Mary Fons

“When life is a mess…it’s really great to tear up a bunch of fabrics and sew them back together again…” ~Mary Fons, Quilt Nerd & Quiltfolk Magazine


Tell us why you sew to join the Why I Sew movement. Submit your story (50 words or less) for a chance to share your story on the podcast and receive a special gift from Sulky. Submit your story at info@sulky.com or through our Contact Us page, and we’ll reach out to you.

Here’s a sampling of why YOU sew:

“Before I was married, my mother made most of my clothes. After I married she told me she’d sew for grandchildren but not for me. I invested $50 in a used sewing machine and enrolled in night school for sewing lessons…I’ve used my sewing talent on thousands of projects since then! Refusing to sew for me was a wonderful gift!” ~ Sandra R.

“When my oldest daughter was very small, I would put her in the child seat on my bike and we’d ride to the fabric store and look at the beautiful rows of fabric. She’d watch me feel the fabric and soon little hand was caressing the bolts too. Today she sews as well and is really creative with her projects!” ~ Linda H.


We can’t wait to hear what you think! Rate and review the episodes you listen to in order to share your thoughts. Ratings also help our podcast reach a broader audience, so we can share the love of sewing with more people. We appreciate your feedback and, most of all, your listening ears.






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I am the Director of Content for Sulky of America. The former Editor in Chief of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines, I hosted Sew it All TV on PBS for nine seasons. I've appeared on It's Sew Easy on PBS, DIY Network's Uncommon Threads, Hallmark's Marie Osmond Show, MacPhee Workshop and more! Come sew with me!