3-D butterfly machine embroidery
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3-D Butterfly Machine Embroidery Design + Projects to Make

3-D butterfly machine embroidery is a great embellishment that’s fun to make as well as display. Created mostly from thread, and a small amount of fabric, this design is easily changed by swapping fabric and thread colors, to suit the project or recipient’s interests.

3_D Butterfly Machine Embroidery

Butterfly Trend

Butterflies are all the rage! At spring 2019 Quilt Market in St Louis, butterflies were flying everywhere, as garlands, on fabric prints and even as large-scale quilts. American Quilt Retailer noticed the trend, too, and featured a slew of butterflies on the cover of their Quilt Market edition.

This trend is here to stay, so we’re bringing you a new, exclusive 3-D butterfly machine embroidery design in two sizes that you can use to create wall art, a hanging mobile, headbands and more.

3-D machine embroidery butterfly on garland

3-D Design Overview

I created several 3-D butterfly machine embroidery designs and sprinkled them throughout a fabric bunting I made for my girls’ room. The design stitches out in two parts: the body and the wingspan. To create these beauties, you’ll need Sulky Ultra Solvy™ as well as the Sulky Butterfly Machine Embroidery palette. The palette comes with 10 spools of rayon thread and the design download instructions by Christine Warren, plus instructions for two free projects to make with the design. You’ll have plenty of thread to wind several bobbins, but you may find it easier and faster to purchase a 3-pack of prewound black bobbins.

Hoop two layers of Ultra Solvy, and make sure to have lots of black thread on hand (the palette comes with two black spools). I used a larger hoop and added both designs to one hooping. You’ll also need a fabric square–choose a color that you have on hand: a solid or even an interesting print works (try a batik to create unique wings)! The thread palette works with any color of fabric.

3-D Butterfly machine embroidery

Then sew the body to the wings per the instructions.  After tearing away the Ultra Solvy, wash away the excess Solvy.  At this point, you have a choice–to let the butterfly dry flat or shape it around a dowel or bowl.  The Solvy that remains in the stitching helps to form the butterfly into any shape you like!

Flight of Fancy Project

I made another one and put it onto a canvas that I covered with fabric long ago. It updated the decor a little bit and tied in the bunting quite well.

3-D butterfly machine embroidery design


Choose from the Flight of Fancy small or large 3-D butterfly machine embroidery file, and create as many butterflies as you like!  Pick up the Butterfly Machine Embroidery Palette and some Ultra Solvy and try it for yourself.  Show us your butterfly creations by tagging us in your social posts and adding #EmbroiderBetterWithSulky.

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