• freestanding tea lights webcast

    Freestanding Tea Lights + Bonus Charms

    Freestanding Tea Lights Webcast with Designs by Babymoon Learn how to create freestanding tea lights holders to celebrate spring with a nod to Easter. Sheila Ryan, of Designs by Babymoon, will show you how! JOIN US MARCH 14, 2023 at 2PM ET FOR THIS FREE EVENT! REGISTER NOW > These freestanding tea lights projects are made with a combination of freestanding lace techniques as well as appliqué patch methods. Featuring Sulky Felty™ and beautiful Poly Deco™ Threads, the egg-shaped sections combine for stunning centerpieces, are open at the bottom for placing over a battery-operated tea light, and make great gifts. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to make mini eggs for ornaments or earrings!…

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  • freestanding lace basics

    Freestanding Lace Basics & How-Tos

    Freestanding Lace What is it? How do I make it? Freestanding lace is made from a machine embroidered design, usually comprised of lace fill stitches and satin stitch outlines that hold the lace together and finish the edges so the finished piece can stand alone. Read on to learn the basics of these designs and how to stitch them with professional results. Note: This post contains affiliate links, which if used to make a purchase may earn us a commission. What is Freestanding Lace Freestanding lace designs are often referred to as “FSL.” These types of designs are always stitched onto water-soluble stabilizer so it’s entirely washed away after the…

  • beach towel embroidery

    Monogram Machine Embroidery on Beach Towels

    Monogram Machine Embroidery on Beach Towels Monogram machine embroidery designs are plentiful on the internet. It’s difficult to decide which design to choose with all the options available. When embroidering towels or other heavily napped fabrics, an embossed monogram machine embroidery design is a great choice. Embossed Monogram Machine Embroidery An embossed monogram machine embroidery design results in a technique similar to trapunto. However, instead of adding a layer of batting between fabric layers to add dimension to the design, the heavyweight toweling acts as the raised portion of the design. The surrounding threads tame the fabric nap and open areas are left as the “loft” to create the 3-D…

  • 10 Water-Soluble Stabilizer FAQs with Patti Lee

    10 Water-Soluble Stabilizer Questions Answered Patti Lee, VP of Consumer Relations at Sulky of America, answers your questions all day, every day. She’s a true expert on Sulky products, so we asked Patti to share the 10 most common questions she receives about Sulky water-soluble stabilizers, including Solvy®, Super Solvy™, Ultra Solvy™ and Fabri-Solvy™. Here are the top 10 water-soluble stabilizer questions answered. Q: Why should I use a water-soluble stabilizer and where? A: Use it anywhere that dissolving the stabilizer would be preferable to tearing, cutting or heating it away. They are widely used in the following techniques: Quilting, computerized embroidery, lace work, buttonholes, thread sketching, as a time-saving…

  • Star Wars Sewing

    Star Wars® Sewing & Embroidery Projects with Fun Threads

    Star Wars® Sewing & Embroidery May the Fourth Be with You™!   There’s nothing better than specialty threads for Star Wars® sewing! Stitching a design using Sulky Neon, Metallic, CRY® and Glowy™ just elevates any Star Wars® sewing design to greatness! The Brother LB5000S sewing/embroidery combo machine is a great starter embroidery machine for any newbie. Plus, it comes with removable face plates all in Star Wars® themes! And as an added bonus with purchase, you get a slew of Star Wars® embroidery designs to use for your Star Wars®sewing projects, like Princess Leia™, Star Wars® and the Resistance Badge designs featured above. If you’re a Star Wars® fan or know some out there in…

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  • applique machine embroidery

    Machine Embroidery Appliqué + Fuzzy Quilts to Make

    Machine Embroidery Appliqué is Super Fun & Easy! Create a fuzzy quilt featuring machine embroidery appliqué using an easy-to-make quilt kit. Don’t you just love a cozy quilt? Using Cuddle fabric is always a go-to when making a baby quilt or holiday-themed throw, amirite?These kits include Cuddle fabrics by Shannon Fabrics, precut (so you don’t have to shed-proof your sewing area) and ready to sew and embellish with machine embroidery appliqué. Also included is the Tear-Easy and Ultra Solvy stabilizer you need to create a fun motif, either the Frankie or Elephant. What is Machine Embroidery Appliqué? If you’ve never tried appliqué in an embroidery machine, you’re in for a…

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  • Halloween Costumes to Sew – From Crafty to Couture

    Halloween costumes to sew don’t have to break the bank and don’t have to keep you up all night sewing before the big day. Here are some great Halloween costume ideas, whether you want your costume (or your kid’s costume) to be subtle or elaborate this year. Halloween Apron Sew an apron (pinafore, really) with festive Halloween embroideries. These are Halloween costumes you can quickly throw over clothes at work right before the lunch potluck begins. Or don it while handing out candy on Halloween night. Dress it up with a fascinator and some makeup to complete the look with a bit more effort. Use reflective CRY thread for some of…

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  • 3-D butterfly machine embroidery

    3-D Butterfly Machine Embroidery Design + Projects to Make

    3-D butterfly machine embroidery is a great embellishment that’s fun to make as well as display. Created mostly from thread, and a small amount of fabric, this design is easily changed by swapping fabric and thread colors, to suit the project or recipient’s interests. Butterfly Trend Butterflies are all the rage! At spring 2019 Quilt Market in St Louis, butterflies were flying everywhere, as garlands, on fabric prints and even as large-scale quilts. American Quilt Retailer noticed the trend, too, and featured a slew of butterflies on the cover of their Quilt Market edition. This trend is here to stay, so we’re bringing you a new, exclusive 3-D butterfly machine…

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