7 Reasons to Sew Every Day

7 Reasons to Sew

Sewing is my favorite hobby. I really would rather sew than just about anything, but life, kids, the house, the hubby , the job…it all seems to drown out that precious time to sew.

One the my favorite bits of advice that I received when I asked you to send in advice to new sewists (see that post here) was to sew for at least 20 minutes per day! I love that and have tried to put that great advice into practice ever since then. It has been an amazing change for me in my life! Today I want to motivate you to do the same thing by giving you seven reasons to sew every day.

Seven Reasons to Sew Everyday

  1. You will finish things! – You know all those projects you have sitting around (probably in zip-lock bags) that are past the fun stage and are now just in the finishing-up stage? You know…putting on the binding, adding the buttonholes, piecing the finished blocks together, etc. If you set aside 20 minutes of sewing every day, these little things start to get done! sewing at machine
  2. You will be more creative – Sometimes all we need to get the creative juices flowing is to just sew. Even hemming a pair of the hubby’s pants can spark an amazing idea. Just being in my sewing studio is inspiring, but when I am actually at the machine or doing hand stitching, it is like the creative part of my brain gets turned on. Sewing everyday is often what gives me the next project to be excited about.italian dressmaker
  3. You can make gifts for your friends and family – If you are sewing every day for 20 minutes, you will finish projects. Some days, you will walk into your studio and think, “Hhmm, what should I sew today? Those are the days you should look at your calendar (or facebook page) and see which family member or friend has the next birthday. Then, check out this post and make them something! Maybe you have a friend who is having a baby. This Taggie is quick and easy to make and could be finished in a couple 20-minute sewing sessions. If you dedicated 2 of your 20-minute sewing session a week to making gifts, you would never be without the perfect homemade gift again.finished taggie close up
  4. You can actually make something for yourself (and not feel guilty) – If you are dedicating 2 of your sewing sessions to others, you can have the rest for yourself and not feel guilty! Finally, you will have the time to update the throw pillows on your sofa or work on the quilt that you want for your bed.Using Sulky Blendables in a serger
  5. You will be a happier person – I love to sew, quilt and craft. When I am sewing, I am happy, content and calm. And I am less likely to bite someone’s head off 🙂I Quilt
  6. Your sewing skills will improve – This may seem like an obvious one, but I must say, this was the most surprising for me. It makes sense that the more you sew, the better you will be, but I have been sewing as a hobby for years at basically the same skill level. I don’t know what it is about 20 minutes of sewing every day, maybe the repetition? Maybe just the sheer volume? Maybe because I am not rushed to get a project completed? But I have seen a vast improvement in my sewing skills simply by sewing every day.sewing machine
  7. You can try new things – You know all those times you have seen a cool new project or technique in a store and thought, “I would love to try that, but I have so many things already, I just couldn’t add anything new to my plate.” If you are sewing everyday, adding a new project or technique to learn doesn’t seem so daunting! Maybe you even dedicate one 20-minute session a week to new things!

So what do you think? Will you try it? Can you think of other benefits to sewing every day? If so, put them in the comments below.

Happy Sewing!


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