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Christmas in July Series – The Speedy Spiral Christmas Tree Skirt


A speedy spiral Christmas tree skirt is just what we need to update our holiday décor. I know Christmas is 6 months away, but if you are like me, the closer it gets to the end of the year holidays, the more frantic I am. Between my kids going back to school, fall, Halloween, football season, Thanksgiving and then Christmas, I am lucky to get all my costumes and gifts made. I don’t usually have time to make any new Christmas decorations for myself. Every year, I say I am going to make new decorations and every year I get too busy.

So this year I am doing them now! In July! It’s 6 months until Christmas so there is no pressure to put this aside and make anything else. For the entire month of July, I will be doing tutorials and ideas for Christmas items you can make. It will be a fun month.


I am starting with this awesome Christmas Tree Skirt (designed by Cheryl Phillips from her book “Quilt Without Corners©”).

If you have been a Sulky fan for a while, you may remember this Speedy Spiral Christmas Tree Skirt pattern.


We decided it was time for an update! I love the bright colors and as you know, I love using Sulky Metallic Threads.

skirt thread close up

This speedy spiral tree skirt was much easier than I expected it to be. The instructions are easy to follow and it really did go together quickly. You can go here to download the full instructions, but I wanted to give you some additional tips from the pattern.

In the pattern I listed out the fabrics I used, but if you can’t find those fabrics, here are some great alternatives. For fabric A, Here is Michael Miller’s Painter’s Canvas in a slightly different blue called Whirlpool: for Fabric B, this green is a nice alternative. For Fabric C, here is the Kaffe Fassett Aboriginal Red Dot that I used, and for Fabric D, this is a good choice. For the Ruffle, I love this, Tiny Guitar Picks by Michael Miller that I used and I am so glad you can get it too!


I also love the Cotton + Steel Christmas line, Tinsel (I actually bought the whole line and you will be seeing some cool projects made with these great fabrics later in the month)


I have talked a lot on the blog about sewing with Sulky Metallic Threads and you can see my list of hints here. This project is a perfect example of how metallic threads can change a project from good to awesome! Just look how great these threads look on this project!

skirt threads

When using metallic thread, it is important to use a 14/90 metallic or topstitch needle. I prefer a topstitch needle. I also sometimes use a thread lubricant called Sewer’s Aid that just helps the thread to flow smoothly through the eye of the needle. Lastly, put your thread on the vertical spool pin so the thread doesn’t twist.  (Or whatever position works on your machine so that the thread comes off flat without twisting.)

skirt threads 2

skirt close

The other hint I want to give you is to be sure you iron the seams the direction they say to in the pattern download. It will definitely make sewing this together much easier because it will create “nesting” seams.

nesting seams

I hope you enjoy making this skirt! If you do make it, send me pictures! If I get enough pics, I will do a virtual-show-and-tell at the end of the month.

BONUS: My next post will be a few cool projects that you can make with the scraps that you have left over from making the Speedy Spiral Christmas Tree Skirt. Stay tuned, you will be singing Christmas Carols by the end of the month.

Happy Sewing!

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