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Flower Fascinator using Filaine Thread & Freestanding Lace

Freestanding Lace Flower Fascinator with Filaine Thread

by Anna He, Seattle Cosplay

Flower Fascinator with Freestanding Filaine designs

Create a flower fascinator using freestanding lace designs and Filaine thread by Sulky. This project is a great starting point for a quick Halloween costume (wear all green and call yourself a bouquet!) and also is a fun addition to your every-day wardrobe.

from Anna:

I have a fall/winter costume on my bucket list and to go along with it is a pretty pastel colored fascinator. The Filaine thread is an excellent choice for a handmade look while using my embroidery machine to stitch out freestanding lace (FSL).

flower fascinator supplies

When I first got the thread, I was impressed by its slightly fuzzy texture that leads to a dreamy romantic finished look. This is exactly what I was looking for. I found a few FSL floral designs on Etsy and quickly got to work.

Filaine thread texture

Filaine vs Rayon

What I quickly realized is that while FSL designs needs a crosshatch stitching that serves as the foundation where the design is stitched up on, Filaine is too thick for this.  In my trial, I nearly over heated my machine’s motor and the end result was very bulky and stiff.

Filaine thread for flower fascinator

Because of this, I then used Sulky 40 wt. rayon for the majority of the flower fascinator designs and used Filaine only for the outlines and highlights. The result is super cute!

flower fascinator components

Here is a comparison of the two methods.

When the laces are done and stabilizers washed away, the lace petals held its shape. It created really 3D organic-looking curls. This flower fascinator is so easy to make. I hand stitch everything down to the teardrop form, then again to the headband.

flowers for fascinator stitched

Tips for Using Filaine Thread for the Flower Fascinator

  1. Use a size 100 or 110 Organ needle 
  2. Single layer of Ultra Solvy for stabilizer
  3. Slow down the embroidery speed to Medium
  4. Brush clean the needle bar and bobbin case often to eliminate fiber build up
  5. Reduce the stitch density by 10%, or enlarge the design by 10% without changing stitch count if possible
  6. Use Sulky 60 wt. bobbin thread or invisible thread for bobbin

I hope you will try out this gorgeous thread with very luxe textures. And I can’t wait to show you the finished costume!  Follow me on social media to keep up with behind the scenes and work-in-progress updates!


finished flower fascinator

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